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Novel 3D-printed tissue to keep astronauts healthy during Mars mission

In the case of bone fractures -- rendered more likely by the weightlessness of space, coupled with the partial 0.38 Earth gravity of Mars -- replacement bone could be inserted into injured areas using 3D bioprinting capability.

Tel Aviv University scientists print first ever 3D heart with patient's own cells

Researchers from the Tel Aviv University have managed to print a small 3D human heart using the patient's own cells, complete with cells, blood vessels, ventricles and chambers.


Novel ingestible capsule with Bluetooth can monitor health

Manufactured using 3D-printing technology, the capsules could be deployed to deliver drugs to treat a variety of diseases, particularly in cases where drugs must be taken over a long period of time.

World's first rollable touch-screen tablet inspired by ancient scrolls developed

The device, called MagicScroll, is comprised of a high-resolution flexible display that can be rolled or unrolled around a central, 3D-printed cylindrical body containing the device's computerised inner-workings.

Scientists have developed a faster and cost-effective coloured 3D printing method

Materials, such as carbon nanotubes, carbon black and graphene, absorb light much more strongly than the polymers and transfer heat to them, enabling the use of cheaper, lower-power lasers.

Scientists develop 3D-printed, driverless boats

Researchers have developed self-driving boats, created from 3D printed parts, which will be capable of operating on roadways and bridges as well.


Portable 3D skin printer can heal wounds in minutes: Study

Researchers have develoepd a porttable 3D printer that can generate layers of tissue that can help heal wounds within minutes, and promote development of skin layers.

Novel 3D printer can create self-folding plastics: Study

Researchers have created a 3D printer that produces self-folding material, an invention that could flat-pack furniture, and hep create emergency shelters.

Novel 3D-printable alloy for flexible devices, soft robots

Researchers have been able to create gallium-based alloys through 3D printing, an application they believe will inspire wearable devices.

Digital Manufacturing: Multi dimensions of 3D printing tech

It uses materials such as plastics and metals to convert products envisaged on computer-aided design to real three-dimensional items; commercial users have been its early adopters.