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26/11 attack: NBWs against two Pak nationals

Headley has also said in his testimony about his visits to Mumbai, where he took photographs and videos of possible targets, and passed on the information to the two men and the financial assistance he received from them.

26/11 Stories of Strength: Memorial event to be broadcast on Colors TV

The event was a tribute to those who lost their lives to the terror attacks and a salute to the courage of the survivors and families of the victims.


A different way to fight

For Gandhi, satyagraha was the only way to stop terrorism. Even in a changed world and context, the Gandhian response is not to be taken lightly.

Reconciliation, above all

Instead of building walls in our imaginations, we need to tear them down. It helps to think of children

Violence, theirs and ours

‘Terror’ is an artifact of the theory of terrorism, a way of interpreting things in the world. Our eager embrace of the theory of ‘terrorism’ is deeply suspect

Spirituality vs Terror

It is like a safety valve, which arrests extremism in religion, takes you from concepts to communion and brings transformation through real life experiences


Let's rise

2018 marks 10th year of the deadly 26/11 attack in Mumbai that shook the entire country.

26/11 Stories of Strength event: A soulful evening sees harsh criticism of terrorism

To mark 10 years since the 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai, The Indian Express today hosted the third edition of 26/11 Stories of Strength, an initiative to honour survivors and their families and to recount their stories of resilience.

26/11, ten years later: Memorial and a new foundation

Monday’s event honoured the courage with which families coped with their loss and grief. In last three years, over 70 accounts have been narrated by The Indian Express of survivors and kin of deceased.

26/11 attack: Perpetrators of terrorist acts should be brought to justice, says UN spokesperson

About 166 people, including six Americans, were killed in the terror attack carried out by 10 LeT terrorists in Mumbai over a period of three days.

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Six years after 26/11 Mumbai attacks, Chabad House reopens today

Rabbis from across Asia are celebrating the reopening of a Jewish center targeted by rampaging Pakistani gunmen who stormed through Mumbai on a 60-hour killing spree in 2008.

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