26/11 10th anniversary

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Terror as commodity

Class-specific self-congratulation over survivorship is restrictive in its worldview

26/11 Stories of Strength: An evening of memories

Mumbai heard tales of courage and fortitude brought alive at the memorial event, 26/11: Stories of Strength, organised by The Indian Express Group and Facebook.


26/11 Stories of Strength: Book reading session held in Mumbai

Ten personal accounts of survivors and families overcoming grief and anger come together in 26/11 Stories of Strength, published by Penguin Random House and presented by Facebook.

Trade vs Terror

A relationship based on connectivity and free trade is the only recipe that will work in a world tired of Indo-Pakistan conflict.

Terror in the age of freedom

Terrorism may never succeed in overthrowing a government or controlling large territories. But terrorists have managed to implant the ideas of violence and hatred everywhere.

26/11 anniversary: Conquering without fighting

Building a terror-free society requires re-engineering of the mind. This task can be carried out only through education — more informal than formal.


Securing India

A decade after 26/11, terrorist methodology has changed, state response remains woefully same.

Away from the spectacle

To face up to 26/11, we need to confront the murderous identity politics that led to Partition, still deforms Pakistan and weighs India down.

26/11 memorial highlights: Attack was not only on Mumbai, but also on humanity, says Goyal

26/11 Mumbai Attack Anniversary: The event, an initiative to honour survivors and their families, saw a bevy of politicians, musicians and dignitaries descend on the city.

A poem for the terrorist and one for my hero

Rajita and her husband Ajay Bagga were in the Taj Mahal Hotel on the night of 26/11 and rescued after 14 hours of saving themselves from the terrorists.

26/11 10th anniversary Photos

26/11 anniversary: These photos recount the horror of Mumbai terror attacks

Two militants carried out the shooting inside the city while two others moved towards the Metro cinema. Ajmal Kasab, the only terrorist caught alive by the police was one of the four militants carrying out the gunfire inside the railway station.

#StoriesOfStrength: Mumbai remembers its heroes, its survivors

#StoriesOFStrength: The Indian Express hosted the third edition of ’26/11 Stories of Strength’, an initiative to honour survivors and their families, and to recount their stories of resilience in the face of grief and loss.


26/11 10th anniversary Videos

26/11 — A look inside Nariman House

Ten years after the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, Nariman House is being converted into a living memorial, including one section that will be called the Nariman Light House. Here’s an exclusive preview.