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Is Parliament sovereign in India or not? We need to know.

The crisis in the UK yields an interesting contrast concerning the question ‘Who Rules?’

PM Modi hails India's democratic ethos, Mamata says super emergency in nation for last 5 years

PM Modi on Emergency: "India salutes all those greats who fiercely and fearlessly resisted the Emergency. India's democratic ethos successfully prevailed over an authoritarian mindset."


Why did Indira Gandhi call off the Emergency?

Sanjay Gandhi apparently did not know — the man closest to her at the time. Perhaps some readers of this newspaper — old, but not very old like me — could perhaps help to solve this till-now intractable problem.

Forty Years Ago, November 3, 1977: Emergency power-cut

Kishan Chand himself deposed that Indira Gandhi was present at the meeting, held at her house, when the orders were given to disconnect the electric supply to all newspapers in Delhi.

Forty Years Ago, November 2, 1977: Shukla before Shah

Romesh Thapar, editor of Seminar, the magazine forced to close down during the Emergency, was critical of the government’s brutal application of censorship when he appeared before the Shah Commission, but also lambasted journalists for not standing up for press freedom the Emergency.

January 24, 1978, Forty Years Ago: Indira’s Apology

Addressing a large public meeting in Yavatmal (Maharashtra), Mrs Gandhi said even if others, who were responsible for the mistakes and excesses were not willing to own up, she would own the responsibility for those mistakes as well.


No Emergency Exit

Locating 1975 in the larger context of draconian colonial imports and how they strain Indian democracy even today

How freedom is lost

Can Emergency be reimposed, I have often wondered

To honour those jailed during Emergency, state to give them Rs 10,000 every month

Applicants have to give details of when and where they were imprisoned

From 1975 to 44

Emergency did not end dynasty in Indian politics. But it kicked off its journey into irrelevance