1962 India China War

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Seema, the untold story of how Tezpur rose to defend itself from the Chinese

In his new film, Seema — The Untold Story, National Award-winning filmmaker Hiren Bora pays a tribute to his hometown Tezpur, by evoking a pivotal moment in the town’s history: when it was almost taken over by China in 1962

Out of my mind: Will it be war?

What happened then in the Fifties, and up to 1962 is well known. Despite the bravery of the Indian soldier who fought, though badly equipped, India was humiliated.


Chinese expert: 'China will have to take military way if India doesn't listen'

Since the standoff on June 6, when the People's Liberation Army (PLA) destroyed bunkers of the India Army claiming the area belonged to China, Chinese media have carried several pieces warning India for escalating border tension and "reminding" the Indian Army about the 1962 war.

Sikkim standoff: Arun Jaitley hits back at China, says India of 2017 different from 1962

In an oblique reference to the 1962 war, China had warned India that it should learn from "historical lessons" and asked India to withdraw its troops from the Donglong area as a prerequisite for "meaningful dialogue" to resolve the boundary issue.

National Interest: Who’s afraid of Neville Maxwell?

Let’s be grateful to that 88-year-old relentless journalist and scholar for the partial release of the Henderson-Brooks report.

The Henderson Brooks morality play

It’s nice to finally have the report. But let’s not swallow it uncritically.