Advertise With Us Print Rate Card 2015-2016

The Indian Express Online Media (Pvt) Ltd., the internet division of the Express Group manages some of the leading websites of India, including: Online destination for news for millions of people world wide, the site provides real time news on politics, business, sports, entertainment and world, in text, images and videos. With over 18 million page views a month, it provides advertisers a strong platform to reach out their communication to a strong user base in India as well as abroad. The online destination for all financial content needs, the website provides users in depth coverage of business news, stocks, industry sectors, economy and markets. has a traffic of over 5 million page views and provides Advertisers high click thorough from quality audience. Is the connection to Maharashtra for readers from Maharashtra as well as around the world. A leading Marathi language site it hosts news with various sections and popular Marathi magazine like Lokprabha. With a traffic of over 6 million page views a month it’s the perfect platform for advertisers wanting to connect with aware & affluent Marathi audience.

Indian Express group is known for its upright stand and powerful content. All of our portals have a mature audience with high educational background and in higher income groups. Our ad inventory helps you reach the right profiles and generate higher returns for your investment.

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