Friday, Nov 21, 2014
Obama provides legal status to five million illegal immigrants; sets up fight with Republicans

Obama provides legal status to five million illegal immigrants; sets up fight with Republicans

Barack Obama was poised to announce executive action to protect nearly 5 million immigrants from deportation.

Raphel probe triggered by intercept of Pakistan official’s chat
Raphel probe triggered by intercept of Pakistan official’s chat

Raphel considered one of the leading American experts on Pakistan, was stripped of her security clearances last month.

Ebola blood stolen by bandits in Guinea
Ebola blood stolen by bandits in Guinea

Officials appealed on national radio for the thieves to return the potentially dangerous blood samples.

US drone strike kills eight militants in northwest Pakistan
US drone strike kills eight militants in northwest Pakistan

The drone strikes had been temporarily halted earlier this year to provide the Pak govt a chance to have talks with the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan.

Terrorism from outside the main challenge for Afghans: Hamid Karzai

Karzai also asked New Delhi "to do more" in defence cooperation with Afghanistan.

Boko Haram said to kill about 45 people in Nigeria

The leader of a vigilante fighter group in Nigeria says Boko Haram militants have killed about 45 people.

France grapples with homegrown jihadism

A new video from the Islamic State group showed three Kalashnikov-wielding Frenchmen burning their passports.

Deadly blizzards maroon people at homes, on roads in New York

Picture of the day

Deadly blizzards maroon people at homes, on roads in New York

'Concerned' Kerry joins troubled Iran nuclear talks

John Kerry arrived in Vienna on Thursday to join troubled nuclear talks four days before a deadline.

US promotes entrepreneurship to counter extremism

US is promoting entrepreneurship in the Middle East and North Africa as a way to create jobs and counter extremism.

Roofs collapse under snow in parts of New York state

Roofs began to creak and collapse under the weight as another storm added to epic snowfall in New York state.

Parents of slain gay US student head to Russia

Parents of a gay US student tortured and murdered in 1998 are traveling to Russia to spread message of tolerance.

Mexico City braces for large demonstrations

Mexico City is bracing for demonstrations as caravans of students and family members of missing students converge.

Critics storm Poland's electoral body over delays

Dozens of protesters stormed Poland's main voting commission and occupied the building Thursday night.

US: Immigrants from Ebola countries won't be sent home

Immigrants from the three countries at the center of West Africa's Ebola crisis are being offered work permits.

US sends Guantanamo prisoners to Georgia, Slovakia

Five prisoners have been released from Guantanamo Bay as part of a renewed effort to close the detention center.

Harvard University sued over push for fossil fuels divestment

Seven Harvard students filed a lawsuit asking a judge to force the university to divest from fossil fuel companies.

Bahrain elections missing key Shiite players

Boycott by al-Wefaq means the results are unlikely to diffuse tensions between Sunni monarchy and Shiite activists.

Colombian cops no longer have to wait until they reach the top ranks to grow a moustache.

Cuban doctor with Ebola flies out of Sierra Leone

A Cuban doctor who caught Ebola while treating patients in Sierra Leone left the country on Thursday afternoon.

Iran's top leader pardons controversial blogger

The pardon by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei came more than 11 years before the end of Derakhshan's prison term.

Iraq, Turkey vow to work together against IS group

Iraq's prime minister said his country and Turkey have agreed on closer security and intelligence cooperation.

Kasparov likens Putin to Hitler, urges West to act

Kasparov, a dissident who now lives in New York, spoke Thursday at the Warsaw Security Forum.

Iran nuclear talk: US rush Kerry as Britain 'not optimistic' about deal by Nov 24

The deal is aimed at easing fears that Tehran will develop nuclear weapons under the guise of its civilian activities

UN: Deaths keep rising in Ukraine, now over 4,300

The report also cited allegations of serious human rights abuses by armed groups including torture, detention, executions.

NY braces for unprecedented snowstorm for second day

The one-week snow totals for the Buffalo area was expected to approach the average snowfall for an entire year: close to 8 feet.

Seven hacked to death in Chinese military hospital

The attack took place early Thursday morning in a dormitory of People's Liberation Army Hospital in Beidaihe.

Iraq: New Kurdish offensive targets Islamic State group

Kurdish forces, backed by US-led airstrikes, launched a new offensive Wednesday targeting the Islamic State group.

Gaza militants test-fire rockets post Jerusalem synagogue attack: Israel military

Four rockets were fired in the past 24 hours, the military said, without elaborating on the test or type of rockets fired.

Barack Obama set to unveil long-awaited immigration plan; to affect 4,50,000 Indians

Harry Reid said Obama's executive actions will give illegal immigrants a line to come forward and get in the system.

WHO: Ebola transmission 'intense' in Sierra Leone

Some 168 new confirmed cases emerged in a single week in Sierra Leone's capital of Freetown recently, according to a WHO report.

Mahinda Rajapaksa calls for snap polls; seeks third 6-year term

His proclamation to seek re-election was issued at an auspicious hour, presidential officials said.

Police shoot dead gunman at Florida university

It was not immediately known if the wounded were shot by the suspected gunman.

Pakistan: Aziz faces flak for remarks on selectively targeting militants

Aziz faced flak for his remarks that there is no reason to target militants who do not pose a direct threat.

Divided Jerusalem: Attacks put holy city on edge

Streets are subdued, marketplaces are quiet and people are on edge in Jewish areas of Jerusalem.

UN urges world to shut down extremists' resources

Looking at these challenges solely through a military lens has shown its limits, said UN chief Ban Ki-moon.

Britain says not optimistic about Iran nuclear deal by deadline

British Foreign Secretary said he was not optimistic that world powers and Iran would clinch a deal by November 24.

4 Taliban militants killed in failed Afghan attack

Four Taliban militants who attacked a compound housing foreign workers in the Afghan capital were killed.

US officials drop worst-case Ebola estimate

A US health official says the worst-case scenario forecast for the Ebola epidemic in West Africa won't happen.

US: Washington state gun law leads museum to remove rifles

A museum in Washington state is removing World War II-era weapons from an exhibit to avoid violating a new law.

9 civilians dead in Syria regime raid on IS stronghold: Monitor

Nine civilians, including a woman, were killed in a Syrian government air raid on Wednesday on the city of Raqa.

John Kerry meets top mediator; Iran deal still unlikely

John Kerry held an unexpected second meeting in two days with a key Arab mediator in the Iran nuclear talks.

US state woman charged in Islamic State terror case detained

A woman charged with lying to investigators about supporting the Islamic State militant group will remain in jail.

US urged not to punish objecting Guantanamo nurse

American Nurses Association has urged America not to punish the objecting Guantanamo nurse.

John Kerry in diplomatic overdrive on Iran nuclear deal

Kerry embarked Wednesday on a frenzy of high-stakes diplomacy in a last-minute push to secure an agreement.

Jerusalem: Israel troops demolish Palestinian attacker's home after synagogue attack

The house demolished in the Silwan neighborhood near the Old City belonged to Abdel Rahman al-Shaludi.

UN push against North Korea on rights moves ahead

North Korea and its allies have argued that a resolution that targets a single country would set a dangerous precedent.

French President Hollande condemns 'terrifying' Jerusalem attack

A Palestinian attack, killed 5 and left blood-smeared books and shawls on the floor of a synagogue in Jerusalem.

Massive snowstorm hits US, all 50 states feel freezing cold

Authorities said snow totals could top 6 feet in south of Buffalo, with another storm expected Thursday.

China blocks websites as Internet meeting begins

The action comes as China hosts the World Internet Conference, which brings together many of the world's top technology companies.

Suicide car bomber hits Iraq Kurdish city, 4 killed

No group immediately claimed responsibility for the midday attack near the ancient citadel in Irbil.

4 sentenced to death for lynching Pak woman who married against her family's wishes

Farzana Perveen, who was pregnant at the time, was beaten to death by her father and other relatives outside a courthouse.

Iran nuclear talks get down to nitty-gritty

It could resolve a 12-year standoff, silence talk of war, help normalise Iran's relations with the West.

Protesters flash 'Hunger Games' sign at Thailand PM

The students, wearing T-shirts saying, "Don't Want a Coup," stood up with their backs to Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha.

Israel vows harsh response to synagogue attack

Israel vowed harsh retaliation Tuesday for a Palestinian attack that killed five people.

Suspected US strikes hit Syrian al-Qaida-held town

On Tuesday that the strike hit the town of Harem in Syria's Idlib province overnight.

Study will test survivors' blood to treat Ebola

Dr. Ada Igonoh, a doctor who got Ebola and recovered, expects to donate plasma and recruit others for the study.

Indian-American Neha Gupta wins prestigious children's peace prize

Neha Gupta, an 18-year-old Indian-American, won the presigious International Children's Peace Prize for her work to help orphans.

Islamic State terrorists ideology must be undermined: UN

UN rights chief called for a campaign led by Muslims to undermine the ideology of the Islamic State terrorist group.

Soccer legend Pele's son arrested in money laundering case

The son of soccer legend Pele has been arrested in Brazil after losing an appeal in a money laundering case.

Crunch final round of Iran nuclear talks

Iran and world powers ratcheted up the rhetoric today as they entered a final round of nuclear talks.

Turn in Ebola outbreak on horizon, but faster tests needed: WHO

The World Health Organisation voiced hope the number of Ebola cases would start falling sharply early next year.

Ivory Coast is calling on disgruntled soldiers to return to their barracks after they protested in the streets.

German foreign minister tries to save Ukraine peace plan

German minister called for drawing a division line between the government troops and pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine.

UN chief condemns Jerusalem synagogue attack

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon strongly condemned an attack on a synagogue in West Jerusalem.

Roman Catholic Diocese of Helena filed a bankruptcy reorganisation plan that proposes a $16.4 million settlement.

Use of women guards on hold at Guantanamo's Camp 7

A judge is putting off resolution of dispute over use of female guards in highest security unit of Guantanamo Bay.

Chicago gets new, more moderate archbishop

Blase Cupich became the archbishop of Chicago, chosen by Pope Francis to replace his more conservative predecessor.

US soldier charged with killing comrade overseas

A Fort Carson soldier has been charged with murder in the shooting death of a 19-year-old comrade.


Harry Reid said Obama's executive actions will give illegal immigrants a line to come forward and get in the system.

Tuesday's elections were deciding 36 senators, 36 state governors and all 435 members of the House of Representatives.

Climate Change  

By Monday evening, Beijing's levels of PM2.5 had reached nearly 200 — or about eight times the level considered safe by the WHO.

Obama pressed other countries to follow US' lead on the issue of climate change.


The report also cited allegations of serious human rights abuses by armed groups including torture, detention, executions.

Coast guard vessels, divers and passing fishing boats were scanning the waters for more survivors.

Asia Pacific  

His proclamation to seek re-election was issued at an auspicious hour, presidential officials said.

The book by a former journalist with Thomson Reuters news agency was released last week by the British publishing house, Zed Books.