Donald Trump now changes stance on ban on Muslims

Donald Trump now changes stance on ban on Muslims

Trump has described his position on the ban differently since the mass shooting in Orlando on June 12 where a gunman killed 49 people and injured 53 others.

'Make America White Again' billboard sparks outrage in US

The 'Make America White Again' sign was posted by Rick Tyler, an independent candidate in the race for Tennessee's 3rd congressional district seat, currently held by Republican Chuck Fleischmann.

Hindus in Pak protest illegal occupation of religious sites
Hindus in Pak protest illegal occupation of religious sites

The All Pakistan Hindu Rights Movement said that Hindu religious places were unjustly sold to businessmen.

Guyana: Airport reviews security after planes flown away
Guyana: Airport reviews security after planes flown away

Guyanese authorities say Cessna six-seater aircrafts have been removed from municipal airport

California wildfire: Firefighters start to get deadly blaze under control

The deadly wildfire in central California has killed at least 2 people and destroyed 200 structures, as per the officials

Church should ask forgiveness from gays for past treatment: Pope Francis

Pope Francis recalled the Church teachings to not 'discriminate' against homosexuals

Fallujah 'fully liberated' from IS : Iraqi commander

Al-Saadi said the operation, which began in late May, is done and the city is fully liberated. The Iraqi army was backed by US-led coalition airstrikes and paramilitary troops, mostly Shiite militias.

#BrexitOrNot: 'Leavers' or 'Remainers' — Britain's historic vote today

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#BrexitOrNot: 'Leavers' or 'Remainers' — Britain's historic vote today

Turkey Forest fire: Tourists evacuated from resort as threat escalades

The fire broke out near Adrasan resort on Sunday and continued spreading towards Olimpos, due to strong winds

Spain elections: Conservatives win most seats, far left rises, says exit polls

The poll by state broadcaster TVE showed PP winning around 117 to 121 seats

Houston: Yoga event celebrated at NASA Space Center

Hundreds of American Yoga enthusiasts gathered at the NASA space Center to perform 'Surya Namaskar'

Israel and Turkey sign agreement  to normalise ties: senior Israeli official

The two countries were at loggerheads with each other over Israel's navy killing of 10 Turkish pro-Palestinian activsts

US: Clinton campaign hits Trump for viewing Brexit as profitable for his own business

The Democratic Presidential campaign blames Trump for neglecting how Brexit would affect the US economy

Turkey: Police uses tear gas at gay pride gathering

According to the organizers, at least 19 activists were detained by the police

Italy: 3,300 migrants rescues over weekend by coastguards and navy ships

Italy took over 26 sepeate operations in the Mediterranean over the weekend

Scotland will do whatever it takes to stay in EU, even block Brexit legislation: Sturgeon

Scotland voted to stay in EU with 62 per cent in Thursday's referendum

France, Germany should take 'initiative' after Brexit: President Hollande

The France President said that there is risk of disunity and quarrel, if they get divided

Malaysian plane intercepted by Indonesian fighter jets

According to an anonymous senior official, the C-130 aircraft was flying from west Malaysia on Saturday towards the eastern Malaysian state of Sabah.

IS fighters launch new attacks in eastern Afghanistan; dozens killed

The fighting began late on Friday in the Kot area of the Rodat district in eastern Nangarhar province after a contingent of IS fighters attacked police check posts, provincial governor Salim Khan Kunduzi said.

French PM opposes trade deal with US as against 'EU interests'
Brexit Vote

"No free trade agreement should be concluded if it does not respect EU interests. Europe should be firm," PM Valls told members of the governing Socialist Party.

US Supreme Court poised to issue major abortion ruling

Americans remain closely divided over whether abortion should be legal.

US Secretary of State John Kerry flies to Rome to meet Israel's PM Benjamin Netanyahu

UN, EU, US and Russia are concerned that Palestinian violence and Israel's building on occupied land is pushing the prospect of peace further away.

UK's Labour in turmoil as key minister sacked, others to quit
Brexit Vote

Other members of Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet are also expected to follow suit as many of the Labour MPs have been critical of his handling of Britain's EU referendum.

35 killed, 20 injured in China bus fire

The accident happened in Hunan province when the bus carrying 56 people crashed into the guardrails on a highway.

Vatican denies Turkey Crusade claims in genocide row

The pope has stirred Turkish anger during a three-day visit to ex-Soviet Armenia by using the term for the century-old slaughter that Ankara furiously rejects.

Angela Merkel opposes the rush for Britain-EU divorce
Brexit Vote

Angela Merkel tried to slow the rush to get Britain out of the EU door and said she would not press Prime Minister David Cameron after he indicated Britain would not seek formal exit negotiations until October.

Panama Papers: Bilawal Bhutto Zardari calls for accountability, warns of street agitation

Bilawal was called by Shah to brief him about the emerging situation after the detachment of the PPP from a parliamentary committee formed to draw the mode of investigations of Panama Papers.

IS video shows murder of 5 media activists seized in October

The 15-minute video was published online Sunday but the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says the five activists have been in IS detention since October and are believed to have been killed in December.

UK: Foreign investors eyeing property amid post-Brexit price-fall

While there may be a "wait and see" approach for some, ambitious foreign investors are on the hunt for bargains while the exchange rate is so low owing to the fall of the Sterling Pound against the Dollar.

Iraqi forces retake the last Islamic State holdout in Falluja

Despite continued fighting, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi claimed victory over Islamic State in Falluja more than a week ago.

Spain holds second election in six months to break government stalemate

Public anger at high unemployment, cuts in government spending on welfare and education, and unrelenting political corruption scandals have shaped the two-week election campaign in Spain.

Experienced Republican strategists unwilling to work for Trump
US Elections 2016

Many Republican strategists fear that taking a Trump paycheck might stain their resumes, spook other clients and even cause problems at home.

US: Crowds honour Orlando victims at Cincinnati pride parade

Organizers in Cincinnati expected attendance to top last year's estimated 90,000 people.

Brexit: 'No need to write, David,' impatient EU tells Cameron

A second EU official, asked about mounting frustration among leaders with the British prime minister's delay in delivering the formal notification required to launch divorce proceedings.

Expanded Panama Canal: Bigger ships, more benefits for beans, coal, gas

The Panama Canal Authority estimates that the enlarged waterway will cut sailing times between Atlantic Ocean ports and Asia by up to 16 days for ships that previously could not fit through.

Even before divorce talks, bickering begins between Britain and EU

"I would like to get started immediately,'' said European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker.

West Virginia floods: 24 dead, search and rescue continues

The scene in Clendenin, located in Kanawha County, wasn't as deadly as in Ranielle. Sixteen people died in Greenbrier County, at least 15 of them in Ranielle.

Greece: Migrants protest at refugee camp as police prevent NGO from providing food

The migrants, most of them Syrian, repeatedly blocked a road outside the camp in the town of Oreokastro, a suburb of Thessaloniki, Greece's second largest city.

Colombia to offer tax breaks for infrastructure, social service projects under peace deal

The plan was designed to lure more private sector companies into the construction of roads, water and sanitation systems, along with schools, health centers and other projects.

Guyana and Brazil look to China to finance jungle highway

The project would provide Guyana quick access to junglem mountain regions and give Brazil's landlocked Amazonian states access to the Caribbean and Central America.

Iceland presidential vote: Gudni Johannesson claims victory

Early results showed Gudni Johannesson garnering 37.8 per cent of votes.

Malaysian PM Najib Razak to unveil new cabinet on Monday

The reshuffle of the Malaysian cabinet might involve up to four ministers and three deputy ministers.

EU referendum: Britain's migrant Europeans gripped by fear, uncertainty
Brexit Vote

An estimated 850,000 people from Poland are now in the UK, seeking wages and opportunities far beyond what they could ever expect in their ex-communist homeland.

Top conservative columnist leaving Republican Party over Trump
US Elections 2016

Republican George Will, who is also a Pulitzer winner, told media outlets Republicans should "make sure" Trump loses.

New York: Corruption case casts harsh light on NYPD handgun permits

"We don't want guns getting into the wrong hands, and we have officers of the law facilitating that process," said Leah Gunn Barrett, executive director of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence.

US: coal mine near Beulah auctions equipment after retrench

"It's a sad deal today," said Wagner, who is one of the 19 miners still employed at Dakota Westmoreland. "It's a bummer that they lost the contract."

Iran's leader slams Bahrain's treatment of Shiite cleric Sheikh Isa Qassim

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's website said Qassim was a moderate who would have worked to "prevent extremist tactics... now, no obstacle can prevent these young enthusiasts from rising up."

Central banks ready to cooperate after Brexit result

Central bankers gathered at the organisation's global economy meeting in Switzerland discussed the implications of the referendum.

Iranian forces clash with Kurdish separatists, killing 5

The Guard's website said five "terrorists,'' including two "leaders,'' were killed in the fighting in the West Azerbaijan province, near the Iraqi border, and that a "chase operation to destroy other terrorists is underway.

Somalia hotel siege: At least 14 killed in al-Shabab attack

The al-Shabab attack had begun when a suicide bomber detonated an explosive-laden vehicle and the siege was ended by Somali police.

Putin visits China: Secures energy deals for Russia, talks security

Russia's renewed relations with China would be helpful for the country in the face of US and EU sanctions.

Brexit Impact: Investor George Soros calls for reconstruction of EU
Brexit Vote

Soros said the EU had broken down and ceased to satisfy its citizens' needs and aspirations. Nevertheless, he called for support to reconstruct it.

Jeremy Corbyn sacks shadow foreign minister over party coup

Newspaper reports suggest that Jeremy Corbyn sacked the foreign minister because he had lost the Labour leader's trust.

Orlando Shooting: Reports suggest authorities feared terrorism, explosives at Pulse
Florida Shooting

Sergeant David Legvold was told by a superior that "this incident had been declared a National Special Security Event and should not be discussed outside the law enforcement community."

More than 2.5 million Britons seek another EU referendum
Brexit Vote

According to an opinion poll conducted on Friday, half of voters said the result should stand, even if the EU offered more reforms to Britain's EU membership.

UK's Boris Johnson wins backing from Justice minister Michael Gove for prime ministerial bid

Justice minister Michael Gove called Johnson by telephone on Saturday to say he would back him for the leadership of the ruling Conservative Party, the Sunday Times said.

Officials: 150 homes burned in deadly California wildfire

Entire blocks were reduced to rubble, and at least 2,500 homes remained threatened.

Newly expanded Panama Canal opens for bigger business

President Juan Carlos Varela will unveil the new locks and third shipping lane built into the 102-year-old canal.

Ecuador says Brexit 'spoils' scheduled bond issue

Authorities have said they planned to issue some $1 billion in bonds this year.

Huge explosion at hotel in Somali capital; gunmen inside

The attackers "took positions behind blast walls and sandbags; fighting is still ongoing

West Virginia floods: At least 23 dead as crews rescue the stranded

Rescue crews went door to door to check on residents, a painstaking task that could stretch into the weekend.

Pak claims 'important' leads uncovered in Amjad Sabri murder case

Police have so far been unable to arrest the gunmen behind the attack on Sabri, who was shot in the chest and head.

Russia air strikes kill 31 civilians in east Syria

The raids hit the town of Al-Quriyah, controlled by the Islamic State group in Syria's oil-rich Deir Ezzor province.

Myanmar: Religious tensions flare up after mosque destroyed

An angry mob of around 200 Buddhists rampaged through a Muslim area of a village in Bago province following an argument between neighbours over the building of a Muslim school.

China-Pakistan corridor on track: Chinese diplomat

The CPEC, a major pilot project under Silk Road Initiative, is going well and the completed part is bringing tangible benefits to local people, China's ambassador to Pakistan Sun Weidong

Scotland seeks immediate EU talks to protect place in bloc

Sturgeon said it had agreed to seek "immediate discussions with the EU institutions and other EU member states to explore all possible options to protect Scotland's place in the EU."

Iranian forces clash with Kurdish separatists: State media

On June 16, Iran's Revolutionary Guard battled armed members of an insurgent Kurdish group in West Azerbaijan province. Both the sides gave conflicting death tolls from the fighting.

30 ISIS militants’ alongwith three civilians killed in clashes in Afghanistan

The incident took place on Friday in the restive Kot district after the ISIS loyalists launched a coordinated attack on police check posts of the Afghan Local Police (ALP).

Belgium detains 2 in new anti-terror raids

Belgium remains on high alert after the March attacks on Brussels airport and on the city's busy metro system which killed 32 people.

Pakistan joins SCO as full member at Tashkent

The memorandum was signed by Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s advisor on foreign affairs Sartaj Aziz, at SCO’s Heads of State Summit at Tashkent

Russian President Vladimir Putin meets with Chinese leaders

President Vladimir Putin told Chinese Premier Li Keqiang that ties were based firmly on common economic interests.

Woman who accused Bill Cosby of sex assault withdraws defamation case

In a brief filing in US District Court in Springfield, Massachusetts, Ruehli did not say why she was withdrawing a suit filed in 2015.

Iceland elects new president in vote eclipsed by Euros, Brexit

Johannesson has vowed to restore Icelanders' faith in the system after years of public anger toward politicians for miring the country in scandals and financial woes.

Nepali workers in Afghanistan wish to leave country if security not ensured

“We are happy that our ambassador came to assess our situation. But we were not allowed to put forth our views in group,” a Nepali security guard said.

West Virginia flooding: Historic Greenbrier resort closes

The 710-room Greenbrier resort sustained damage from the flooding and was using backup generators Friday, according to a post on its Facebook page.

'Brexit' threatens to undermine US-Britain special relationship

The loss of the strongest pro-US voice within the 28-nation bloc, as a result of the "Brexit" referendum, threatens to weaken Washington's influence in European policymaking.

Berlin: Diplomats from EU's founding 6 meet to talk Brexit
Brexit Vote

The German foreign minister said that it was time to find out what the 27 remaining EU countries wanted for the future of the union.

Bangladesh enforces 'security alert' for jails amid warnings of terror attack

According to Bangladeshi officials, an intelligence report warning against a possible major terror attack prompted the jail authorities to revise security system of prisons.

China to regulate search results following death of misled cancer patient

Wei Zexi complained he was led to questionable, expensive cancer treatments after searching on Baidu. His death has influenced a ban subversive content and obscene content on search engines in China.

China: 5 killed in warehouse fire in Xiancheng

Five people were rescued from the building but later died in hospital due to their injuries.

Iraqi forces declare defeat of Islamic State in Falluja

The insurgents had put up limited resistance in Falluja and folded after some of their commanders abandoned the fight.

Saudi Arabia: Police officer shot dead in predominantly Shiite east

The Interior Ministry said the officer, identified as Faisal al-Harbi, was killed by unknown assailants early Friday morning in the city of Saihat.

US hopes for talks between Venezuela government, opposition

Venezuela has been wracked by protests over food shortages, inflation is soaring, and the opposition is pushing for recall election to remove President Nicolas Maduro in 2016.

What does Brexit mean for economy sectors? Crisis or speed bump?
Brexit Vote

Brexit Impact: Companies will wonder whether to invest or locate in Britain during the yearslong negotiations to define new trade conditions with the European Union.

Pakistan determined to confront terrorism: Chief of Army Staff

Gen Raheel Sharif stressed that Pakistan as a nation must pursue the national objective of 'zero-presence of terrorists'

If invited for Global Entrepreneurship Summit, would try to stop by India: Obama

"You know, I'll try to stop by, if I'm invited," Obama said in his address to GES at Stanford University in California.

Pakistan: Zardari urges US to support sale of F-16 jets

The former President of Pakistan approached US to buy plans on ground to fight the war against terror

US elections: Trump finds few aides in times of help

The Republican Presidential candidate has realized that he would require a stronger campaign team to challenge Hillary Clinton

Manhattan's Stonewall Inn gay bar becomes first US gay rights monument

LGBT rights advocacy groups hailed the national recognition, saying it will help highlight the gay communities' continued struggles, especially in the aftermath of the June 12 mass shooting.

After ceasefire, Colombia to get UN peace monitors and possible referendum

After the Colombian government and the FARC signed a definitive ceasefire agreement, it was announce that UN personnel will monitor a disarmament deal ending the civil war.

California: Two killed, 100 homes destroyed by fast-moving wildfire at Kern County

The Erskine Fire broke out on Thursday afternoon in the foothills of Kern County and three firefighters were hospitalized for smoke inhalation.

Obama on Brexit: 'Special relationship' with UK will remain

Obama said he was sure Britain's exit would be orderly and vowed that the United States and Britain would "stay focused on ensuring economic growth and financial stability."

China renews yellow alert for heat wave

During the daytime on Saturday, high temperatures of above 35 degrees Celsius are expected to scorch a vast region south of the Yangtze river and central parts of north China.