Google Pixel XL Phone Review: Pros, Cons And Final Verdict

Google Pixel is the company’s ‘first’ attempt at a smartphone. Unlike the Nexus, there’s no co-branding with LG or Huawei. Sure the phone’s box says manufactured by HTC, but it’s like how iPhones are made by Foxconn in China. Pixel and Pixel XL are a Google-only effort from top-to-bottom. The company is tying up with distributors in India to get this phone into offline retail stores as well. Google Pixel starts at Rs 57,000 going up to Rs 76,000. The phone highlights the best of Google: the Assistant, an excellent camera, unlimited storage for photos, and performance that’s top notch. So should Samsung be worried? Does the iPhone 7 have a challenger? We got the ‘Very Silver’ version of the larger Google Pixel XL, and here’s our review.