With The US Pulling Out Of Climate Change Deal, Should We Say Goodbye To The Paris Accord?

President Trump announced that United States would withdraw from the Paris climate agreement. But it will take more than one speech to pull out: Under the rules of the deal, which the White House says it will follow, the earliest any country can leave is Nov. 4, 2020. That means the United States will remain a party to the accord for nearly all of Mr. Trump’s current term, and it could still try to influence the climate talks during that span.

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    1. Sankaran Krishnan
      Jun 5, 2017 at 5:02 pm
      There is no need for India to say Goodbye and it was already done by the selfish USA under his Presidency Trump and now the credibility of USA is lost because of this one sided withdrawal. If he had some good sense he might have called for an meeting for Climate Deal, discuss with all those who are all parti ted at Paris conclave and put forth his views on the Climate Deal, based on the responses he might have told them then that USA is withdrawing whereas now ically they had withdrawn themselves unilaterally the question of saying goodbye does not arise NOT only by India and of course for all the Countries that represented at Paris Meet !!!