Why Is The Trans Community Still Marginalised In India?

In a viral video doing the rounds, a transgender employee of the Kochi metro makes a passionate appeal, “When you look at me, don’t look twice. I want you to look at me, and just see a person doing a job.” Kerala Metro Limited’s ambitious Koch metro train project was launched on June 17. One of the key highlights of the project is that it has employed 23 transgenders to push for the welfare of the marginalised and neglected community. They will be part of the 530 workers of Kudumbashree, a government launched women self-help group that will operate the state’s first metro project.

  1. Pramod Kaimal
    Jun 21, 2017 at 2:38 pm
    Lead Kindly Light and Correct me IF my Knowledge about Transgenders (I mean ONLY Eunuchs) are not to A MARK. As i understand Eunuchs are SHAMELESS, because they have NOTHING to Loose in terms of HONOUR . Hence not at all hesitant to SHOUT OUT Expletives right and left at any body. HENCE IT WILL BE VERY VERY DIFFICULT for Senior Officer to work with them and ask of them to CONDUCT ANY TASK. pramodkaimalat 9496872890 GOD BLESS one who replies