Visitors To Taj Mahal To Be Capped To Control Rush

With the Taj Mahal drawing “uncontrollably high” crowds on weekends and holidays, the central government, acting on a proposal from the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), is set to cap the number of visitors to the monument at 40,000 a day. The duration of each visit to is likely to be capped at three hours. These are among several crowd-management measures at the Taj Mahal that the Ministry of Culture intends to take this week. After a meeting with officials from the ASI and his Ministry, Union Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma told The Indian Express Tuesday evening: “Several measures have been proposed by the ASI to ensure a smooth experience at the Taj Mahal and avert any tragedy, including limiting the number of visitors at 40,000 and limiting the validity of entry to three hours. We have no option but to go by these measures.”