Vishal Sikka Resigns As Infosys Managing Director And CEO

Vishal Sikka resigns as MD and CEO of Infosys: In his resignation letter, Sikka said: “After much reflection, I have concluded that it is indeed time for me to leave my current positions as MD and CEO, and I have communicated my resignation to Sesh.

To know the full story watch out the video.

  1. Sankaran Krishnan
    Aug 19, 2017 at 4:30 pm
    It the fault of the Indian Founders of M/s. Infosys to leave the organization they had started following the US policy whereas now it hits back on them and in their lifetime itself they had afraid that they will see the downfall which forced them to react like this and also found fault with the CEO who was selected by them. Why not reverse the the rule book and take over the mantle by the Founders of Infosys and be on the Board to guide them and also give your inputs as valuable suggestions instead of crying out from outside and if not be ready to cry out from out side and shed tears if it collapses under your Eagle eyes.