Common man’s expectations from General Budget 2016

The nation’s eyes will be trained on Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, who will present the General Budget for the year 2016-17 in Parliament today. Here are some of the expectations by the common man narrated exclusively to ANI ahead of the Budget. Homemaker, Manju Singh on Monday said that the cost of all the commodities which is used in her kitchen is getting higher each day. She also said that her expectations from the upcoming budget will be that the prices of pulses, LPG should reduce so that they can afford it. Businessman, Ritesh Pratap, said that they are common people and so it is very difficult for them to cope up with the regular expenses which are increasing drastically. Asserting that this time they are expecting some relief from the ruling party, government employee Shivesh Kumar said he expects the government to reduce the tax rate of the commodities. Homemaker, Sunita Kumari said the inflation rate is increasing drastically and so it needs to be controlled in every possible way. She also said that the cost of spices, pulses and other commodities have reached sky and so it needs to be tackled. Another government employee Omkar Shiv Sharma said that they expect Jaitley to reduce the income tax of a salary person as it will make things easy for them.