Tanarthi Festival celebrated by people of all faiths

Karnataka, Mar 01 (ANI): Thousands of people walk through the lanes of Gulbarga city in southern Karnataka to celebrate the Tanarthi festival of Kori Siddeswara and seek his blessings.The reflection of faith is also seen in every nook and corner of the city as devotees from different parts of the country marched together at night with illuminated lamps on their heads. The handmade lamps of flour spread brightness and happiness in every lane. Devotees light up the cotton wick and take rounds of the temple with the hope to get blessings from Kori Siddeswara. Kori Siddeswara was a revered spiritual personality who believed in humanity and good will. Devotees come here thrice every year with a belief that the lord will take away their misfortunes and bless them with a peaceful life. The southern Karnataka province is a melting pot of many religious philosophies with its profound influence on people. It has led to a new social set-up full of values, and discipline which contributes to a healthy and amicable social order.