Rs 5 & Rs 10 Fake Coins Racket Busted

In the basement of a nondescript factory on the capital’s periphery, a group of migrant labourers were busy churning out brand new Rs 5 and Rs 10 coins, when Delhi Police raided the area in October. The operation, in Bawana’s industrial area, had been on for the last six months, during which thousands of fake coins had been minted.

  1. M
    Dec 1, 2016 at 2:31 pm
    in this case Accused Naresh Kumar is innocent sonu and raj luthra they are the real mastermind behind this. the truth is that they both were blackmail naresh kumar that if he leaves the business or tell to police or any one they both murdered him like ramesh verma who is murdered in march 2016 by duo...