Opinion | Why Is Ram Guha So Angry ? On Eve Of India-Pak Match, Why Is Cricket Facing Another Crisis?

Troubled by the prevalent superstar culture in India Cricket, Ramachandra Guha took out his angst at the inability of the Supreme Court appointed committee to crack down on the various conflicts of interest that plague the system. In his resignation letter, he also brings up the need to increase the fee of domestic cricketers, and laments the absence of a male cricketer in the COA, but it’s the super stardom and allied conflict of interests that irks him the most. 

  1. Sankaran Krishnan
    Jun 4, 2017 at 7:23 pm
    We the people (cricket enthusiasts) in general expected a lot because we thought he knows the subject very well based on his writing whereas he proved he is not an able Administrator and had he he might have high lighted all these issue to the court and make them quit wherever conflict of interest arises and instead he publicized for his quitting as the reason which is the reason he got so many angry mails against him in the media columns.!!!