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Nalanda University Chancellor Resigns From Post: Find Out Why

The Chancellor of Nalanda University, George Yeo, resigned citing that earlier he was assured of the University’s autonomy but now things had changed. Incidentally, the resignation of Yeo comes on the day of the Foundation Day of the University. In a statement issued by Yeo, he wrote that the order of the Visitor of the University, dissolving the Governing Board and creating a new one, came as a complete surprise to him and to most of the members of the existing Governing Board. He said that he was neither involved nor consulted before the decision was taken. Citing the change in leadership of the University, he said that it was a sudden decision that was disturbing and harmful to the University’s development. Earlier on November 23, Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen ended his nine-year-long association with the Nalanda University, first as a Chancellor and later as a member of the governing board.