Jammu & Kashmir: 8 Civilians Killed, 22 Injured In Mortar Shelling By Pakistani Rangers

The Pakistan Supreme Court today ordered a probe against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif over Panama Papers scandal. The court heard several identical petitions by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan and others to investigate charges of corruption against Sharif and his relatives. The Panama Papers released earlier this year showed Sharif’s family owning offshore companies and assets. Sharif and his family, however, have dismissed the allegations of money laundering and denied any wrongdoing. The apex court said it was ready to appoint a probe commission headed by a judge and armed with powers of the Supreme Court. The court also ordered the government and petitioners to present their Terms of Reference for the probe panel. Reacting to the court’s ruling, Imran Khan said the planned anti-government rally will now be marked as a day of thanksgiving in Islamabad.