Here’s Why Bhopal SIMI Jailbreak Could Be An Insider’s Job

These are some of the pointers that have led senior police officers in Madhya Pradesh to admit that the jailbreak of eight activists of the banned SIMI was a result not just of lax policing, but of insider help and complicity. These include moulds fashioned to match keys to locks, a knife found near a drain and non-functioning CCTV cameras that cover Block B of Bhopal’s Central Jail. Hours after the jailbreak, the eight were gunned down in an encounter in Acharpura about 12 km away, with audio clips suggesting that the police were instructed to “finish them all”, and videos that show personnel shooting at bodies on the ground. A senior police officer told The Indian Express, on the condition of anonymity, that the extent of “inside help” involved in the jailbreak was “staggering”. When contacted, Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Bhupendra Singh said it was “impossible to escape without inside collusion” and alleged that the jailbreak was facilitated by “funding from outside”.