Find Out What PM Narendra Modi & British Prime Minister Theresa May Discussed

Underlining economic challenges in the current global environment, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Monday said India and the UK can leverage technological prowess to create new opportunities, while seeking investments in defence, manufacturing and aerospace sectors. Speaking at the India-UK Tech Summit, Modi showcased his government’s initiatives in sectors like smart cities, startups and digital economy as he sought enhanced engagement with Britain.

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    Sankaran Krishnan
    Nov 8, 2016 at 4:12 am
    Hope the British PM understands the seriousness of the Fugitives list submitted by India and act against them and also allow them to bring back to India and let them face the courts either to come clean or face the consequences of their own acts and let the court decides the punishment meted out to them. Let UK be not called as Fugitives Land or Country to protect wrong ones !!!