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Find Out What National Crime Records Bureau’s Prison Data For 2015 Reveals

According to the National Crime Records Bureau’s prison data for 2015, over 55 per cent of undertrials across the country are either Muslims, Dalits or tribals. The data showed over two-thirds of all jail inmates are undertrials. The data also shows that more than 70 per cent of undertrials have not passed Class 10. Muslims, Dalits and tribals together account for 39 per cent of India’s population, thus their share among undertrials is disproportionate to their population. Besides, the three communities have a lower representation among convicts as compared to undertrials. Together, they account for 50.4 per cent of all convicts. Scheduled Castes account for 21.6 per cent of undertrials and 20.9 % of convicts, while Scheduled Tribes make up 12.4 per cent of undertrials and 13.7 per cent of convicts. The data also shows that most of the undertrials have to spend over three months in jail before they can secure bail — close to 65 per cent spend between three months and five years.


  1. B
    Nov 2, 2016 at 7:43 am
    Very absurd arguments that Muslims along with tribals are in high rate of crime which is disproportionate to their percentage of potion. Percentage of potion is nothing to do with the crime and it is only the mindset of the community which counts about the hard facts. The way article projected the matter suits more to Politicians like Diggy Raja.