Faceoff Escalates Between India & Pakistan: Find Out What Happened

According to media reports, Pakistan and India may temporarily recall their high commissioners and scale down the size of diplomatic staff in each other’s missions in the wake of the latest diplomatic spat over the spying episode. The latest spat started last week after a staff member of Pakistan’s High Commission in New Delhi was detained by police for questioning over espionage charges. Meanwhile, India prepares to evacuate eight of its diplomats and staffers from Pakistan after the government there put out their names and alleged they were Indian spies. In an unprecedented move, names, designations of Indian mission officials and their photographs were leaked to the Pakistani media and the Pakistan Foreign Ministry held a press conference to officially announce their identities. New Delhi however completely rejected the “baseless and unsubstantiated” allegations made by Pakistan against its officials in the Islamabad mission.


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    Dr (Maj)
    Nov 5, 2016 at 2:55 am
    The present govt's destructive approach in the garb of being nationalist,taking Draconian decision relating to day 2 day life of common man reminds us of emergency days.the same ppl who voted this govt to power will kick the devil out of this Talibanisaton by BJP..This BJP dispensation is worse than previous one that ruled.The govt run by media houses is total failure on price rise,employment,health,power,defence,foreign policy.this govt is destabilizing the nation by creating war hysteria and is on self destructive mode.Either govt advisors shd be changed or the leadership has to learn to behave in a mature way.this leadership is behaving like a Road side Romeo/SADAKCHAP .