Ex-Gujarat Energy Minister Has Financial Interest In 8 Onshore Oil Blocks: Find Out More

An investigation by The Indian Express has revealed that Saurabh Patel, four-time BJP MLA from Gujarat, who was the minister of Energy & Petrochemicals for 14 years, has financial interests in eight onshore oil blocks in Gujarat through a web of companies. In April 2008, when Patel was Energy & Petrochemicals Minister in the Narendra Modi government, his brother Mehul Dalal and his sister-in-law Nikita Dalal set up Suryaja Infrastructure Private limited — each got 5,000 shares. The next year, Patel and his son Abhay Dalal also got 5,000 shares each in the company. This shareholding continues to this date. Between October and December 2009 — Patel was still Energy Minister — Suryaja invested in a private listed company Gujarat Natural Resources Limited which is in the oil and gas exploration business.