Election Commission Decides To Throw Open Challenge To Test Infallibility Of EVMs

Confronted with allegations of manipulation and tampering of electronic voting machines in elections, the Election Commission of India has decided to soon throw an “open challenge” to test the infallibility of EVMs. Sources in the poll panel told The Indian Express recalled how in 2009, ECI had thrown an open challenge for anyone to demonstrate how EVMs owned by the ECI can be tampered with. Sources also said that since such apprehensions have been raised once again, it has decided to repeat the exercise to put all doubts to rest. Representatives from political parties will be invited to participate in the challenge, along with people who know the technology, organisations and individuals who have raised doubts about the integrity of the commission’s EVMs. On Monday, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had challenged the commission to make the EVMs available to the party for 72 hours. He had earlier alleged that the EVMs could be manipulated, following the party’s underwhelming performance in the Punjab assembly polls. Before that, BSP chief Mayawati had blamed faulty EVMs for her party’s rout in the UP assembly elections, with the charge being endorsed by the SP and the Congress.