Demonetisation Impact: India’s First ”Cashless” Dangal In Chandigarh

Seventeen-time Bharat Kesri winner Hitesh Kala, 28, took the customary ceremonial round of the mud pit, meeting wrestling fans in the makeshift arena, after winning the Digital Kesri title at a football stadium here. Elders among the spectators pressed currency notes ranging from Rs 20 to Rs 200 into Kala’s muddy palms as they shook hands with the champion. Kala accepted the money with folded hands, while announcers urged the audience to show their appreciation by depositing money into the wrestler’s account through BHIM app. It was clear that old habits die hard at the country’s first “cashless” dangal, which the Chandigarh administration had organised. “What is a dangal where money is not given to wrestlers? Sidhe dil se ate hain paise kushti dekh ke,” quipped Sohan Singh, a spectator.