Audience Reaction : John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha Starrer Force 2 Gets A Thumbs Up

In this sequel to the 2011 ‘Force’, ACP Yashvardhan returns in a faster, more thrilling actioner, set mostly in grand, scenic Budapest, which has been used as a hotbed of espionage in several flicks. Scratch that. ‘Force 2’ aims for all of those things, and by rights, should have been all of those things, but ends up feeling overlong and stretched, and more than anything else, overfamiliar. That’s the problem when you try doing a Bond-Bourne combo full of bristling cops and smart spies and twisted villains, and sexy Mata Hari types, but you end up papering over the thrills and spills by Bollywood-style swelling background music, and a female lead in a complicated relationship with her gun.