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Arvind Kejriwal Is The New Rage On Social Media: Find Out How

A day after Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal went live on Facebook and slammed the Union government’s demonetisation move, the party claimed that there has been a 640 per cent increase in the number of followers of Kejriwal and the party on social media platforms. Kejriwal’s speech has recorded 48,02,000 views and 1,72,128 shares on party’s Facebook pages. “Fifty lakh people have so far viewed Arvind Kejriwal’s Assembly speech on demonetisation on social media platforms. The AAP Facebook Page saw organic growth of about 640 percent in the week of demonetisation and Arvind Kejriwal’s response to it. Nearly half a crore viewers have so far on social media platforms watched the November 15 speech of Kejriwal in the Delhi Assembly,” an official statement read.