All Out War In AIADMK, Sasikala Natarajan Hits Back At O Panneerselvam

AIADMK has been seeing high-voltage drama that began Tuesday night after the never-before rebel O Panneerselvam stood up against party general secretary VK Sasikala and claimed that he was forced to resign from his post of chief minister of Tamil Nadu. Taking the battle forward, Sasikala addressed the media Wednesday, casting Panneerselvam as a ‘traitor’ and said that traitors have never won and that they will be shown the right path. She also said it was her responsibility now to bring Panneerselvam’s ‘wrongdoings’ to a stop.

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    Sankaran Krishnan
    Feb 9, 2017 at 3:53 am
    Don't forget that People of Tamil Nadu are with OPS at this moment and they want him to continue to be the CM for the state to complete the remaining task of Jaya and none will believe you or your words and if you are sure for victory there is no need to keep the MLAs in resorts and hotels and remove the Mobiles and deny them for essment by the media and by the OPS group which shows you re fearing and losing the battle. Even if you succeed it is only for temporary and the collapse is certain for the AIADMK which is already visible after you take control of the Party in a hurry !!!