Abdul Basit Interview Excerpts: War Is Not Really A Solution To Our Problems

Talking to The Indian Express Pakistan High Commissioner Abdul Basit on question of why is Pakistan denying India’s surgical strikes said, “I think three things have happened. You ask me as to why Pakistan is denying… Firstly, this is for the first time that India has publicly acknowledged to have breached the 2003 ceasefire understanding, so this is quite significant. Secondly, what I see is the commonly acceptable definition of surgical strike has been modulated unilaterally by India… which also means cross-LoC firing… Why I am saying this… the official statement issued by India, your DGMO, very clearly suggests that the action took place along the Line of Control, not across… Now, as far as Pakistan is concerned, we haven’t seen any activity on September 29, other than usual cross-LoC firing… and you know what our stance is, we have also taken both Pakistani and foreign journalists to the locations… There is no sign of any activity in those areas, other than the cross-LoC firing in which two Pakistani soldiers have been martyred.”