Deepika Padukone Gets Emotional Talking About How She Dealt With Depression

Deepika Padukone might be a successful star who has achieved both national and international recognition. But hard as it is to accept, this smiling, the succesful actor suffered from depression in the past. However, instead of hiding the fact or sweeping it under the carpet, Deepika fought with the ailment and has now started a foundation to help others who are suffering from depression.

Her aim is to free depression of its stigma and see it as a disease that you can fight and cure. She also wants to sensitise people around those suffering from depression.

  1. S
    Oct 12, 2016 at 8:54 am
    Who really cares whether u depressed, cheerful etc. People do have other problems unnecessary doing promulgation on this issue wont add one more feather. It just state how weak u r as a person and shedding tears in screen just portrays ur skillfulness in acting. Nothing more nothing less