Dandiya Night With Falguni Pathak At Mumbai’s Mini-Gujarat, Borivali

Falguni Pathak undoubtedly remains the most sought after performer during Navratri in Mumbai. Popularly known as the Queen of Dandiya, the singer’s charisma remains unchallenged and every passing year revellers throng her arena in record numbers making her the numero uno in this business.

But the singer herself is modesty personified and prefers not attaching much ado to her uber popular status. When asked about remaining at the top despite facing competition from other top-notch singers, Falguni told Indian Express.com, ” I have never indulged in any show-off to prove we are the biggest in business. We are also not in any sort of competition. I do this because I believe in Mataji(Goddess Durga) and love singing live.”