Bigg Boss 10 November 9 Episode Review: Cat Fights And True Friendship

Bigg Boss 10 nomination special episode starts with ‘Telephone song’ in lieu of a special telephone task for nominations. Gaurav and Bani start talking casually about their personal life and Gaurav says that he can be a good husband and father but as a boyfriend, he is not that good. Bigg Boss calls Manu and speaks on phone with him and asks him that if he wants to save himself from being nominated, he will have to convince Manveer to shave his beard. Manu speaks to Manveer but he says that he can’t do this as he considers his beard his lucky charm. After some time, Manveer sacrifices his beard for Manu and then Manu gives the name of Manveer for another nomination call. Bigg Boss calls Manveer and asks him to convince Rohan to dress in drag till further orders.