Bigg Boss 10 Dec 06 Review: Swami Om Pees In Kitchen

The contestants wake up to the peppy song “Meter Down”, which hints at the upcoming task. The new luxury task is introduced, and it is called ‘BB Taxi Stand’. Gaurav Chopra announces the rules of the task. According to the task, Manveer and Bani are the taxi drivers who will help the housemates to travel from one part of the house to the other. While they will collect money from the passengers for their journey, Priyanka is given the responsibility of a traffic police as well as the sanchalak. Each housemate is allotted 2000 points to spend on their travel and pay fine or toll charge. Priyanka and the drivers have to make sure that they collect the maximum amount while the housemates have to negotiate and save their points to become the contenders for captaincy.