Anupam Kher Says Indian Films Does Not Have A Legendary Detective Figure

Anupam Kher, who played the doom-and-gloom Shuklaji in both Baby and Naam Shabana, has a suggestion to make — why not make Naam Shukla next. The man is a wizard with a computer in both the films but that is not why Anupam wants a full-fledged film on Shukla. His reasons are very different and very hilarious. “Naam Shabana is one of a kind film, which has never been attempted before. A character from a film (Baby) being transformed into a full-fledged commercial film, this gives me an optimistic hope that one day they will also make Naam Shukla. I would like to know from Neeraj (Pandey) why Shukla wears a wig,” Anupam Kher says with a smile. Kher is of the view that our films lack a famous detective, “We don’t have a legendary detective except for Byomkesh Bakshi. Indian media lacks the concept of detectives series,” he said.