Aamir Khan On If Gaining and Losing Weight For Dangal Worried Him

Aamir Khan who was on a weight loss spree to play the role of a young wrestler in Dangal. After having gained up to 95 kilos for the role of an ageing wrestler, Aamir Khan later lost close to 13 kilos in a period of six months to play the younger version. “I lost 13 kilos and now I am at 82. I have just reached half way and I need to lose 12 kilos more. I want the look that wrestler Sushil Kumar sports,” said Aamir Khan. Commenting on how he is lost weight scientifically, Aamir said, “For at least three weeks I was in US to focus on weight loss. I was working out in different forms of exercise for six to seven hours in a day which is a lot. I was doing trekking, biking, mountain biking, tennis, swimming, weight training. So different activities throughout the day and it would take roughly six to seven hours. I was only sleeping, eating and working out.”

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    Nov 29, 2016 at 10:43 am
    sir, mai Commons main esleye likh raha hu ke, india mai tillento ka kami nahi hai. ek bar Bhartiyo ko ek mowka dene ka kosis kare, verna back to home. 09679184272mai bata du ke hamare paas scriept hai. jo ki (dangal)jai si kahaniyo se alag hai. osker awarded kahaaniya hai. mowka de ignor karne ka kosis na kare