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Full Coverage : EYE 2014

Black river, buried treasure: How river Yamuna provides livelihood to people
October 19, 2014

To those who brave the dark waters of the Yamuna, the river rewards them with a livelihood.

Nurture my tongue: A linguist’s quest to preserve an endangered language

The urgency of this vanishing language was not lost on Dr Shailendra Mohan, associate professor in Austro-Asiatic linguistics at Pune’s Deccan College Postgraduate and Research Institute.

Look beyond the stars: Why one should not go strictly by review ratings
October 12, 2014

Because the stars, those pernicious little things twinkling away above the review where your eye can see them even before you’ve gotten started on the first line, do not tell you everything.

Security doesn’t come with gates, it comes from relationships: BV Doshi

Pioneering architect BV Doshi on making connections between people and buildings and how ancient cities shape his work.

The sky’s my playground: Watching a parakeet court his lady
October 5, 2014

The ancient Romans were so impressed by the birds’ domed foreheads — that bespoke great intellect — that they cut them off and ate them, hoping to imbibe some of the birds’ wisdom.

Reflections of a Political Mind: Neel Mukherjee on writing his great Bengali novel

The nomination for the Booker prize came as a bit of a surprise, but Mukherjee, who confesses to being distracted ever since, would rather dwell on the changes it has already wrought than discuss his possibilities of a win.

Hooked on a feeling: The king of Naga folk blues talks about folk music in today’s context

At a festival he calls home, Rewben Mashangva, the king of Naga folk blues, talks about how folk music today has to understand the youth.

Hear the Whistle Blow: The train with the shortest rail route in the country has a loyal following
September 21, 2014

With just three bogies and covering a distance of 13.68 km at a sluggish pace of 30 km an hour, the shuttle is more than a century old.

Walk the line: In Rohtak, the streets are a hostile space for young women

The survival code includes not talking to young boys on the street, and an awareness that she has “to uphold the family pride” at all times.

Slayers Gorgeous: The marvel that is a dragonfly

Damselflies are usually smaller and slimmer, more delicate and rest with their wings arranged alongside their bodies, and hover — virtually invisibly — low over water.

My relationship with my father still troubles me: Naseeruddin Shah
September 14, 2014

In a freewheeling conversation with one of his favourite screen idols Naseeruddin Shah, writer-director-actor Rajat Kapoor finds out about Shah’s complicated relationship with his father and how he came to write his memoir

Kolkata-based multi-instrumentalist Tajdar Junaid on working with Iranian filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf

Kolkata-based multi-instrumentalist Tajdar Junaid’s music will now be heard in Iranian filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf’s latest offering.

Catch the Signal: Traffic lessons from the animal planet

Ants don’t have road accidents. In fact, traffic managers are now studying those marching columns of army ants that blitz across the forest floor to see how they do it.

Notes from the Highland as Scotland prepares for the independence referendum

As Scotland prepares for the independence referendum on September 18, Shivani Naik looks for signs in the streets of Glasgow and Edinburgh that could point to the Scots’ possible future.

Learning to Exhale: A tribute to modern yoga virtuoso BKS Iyengar
September 7, 2014

The legacy of BKS Iyengar in Bellur, the village in Karnataka where his 96-year-long journey began.

Is sexism in the 24×7 news channels a reality?

The shadow of sexism that lurks in 24×7 news channels in India and the demands it makes of its female anchors.

EP Unny’s The Making of Fort Kochi is an easy to read history book

An ancient Greek text writes about a flourishing trade between Malabar and Europe in the time
of Christ.

Into the Light: Japanese cinematographer Keiko Nakahara on shooting for Mary Kom

While studying films at the School of Theatre, Television and Film, San Diego, US, Keiko Nakahara was confronted with a problem she had never anticipated. Being a Japanese, and having grown up on American movies dubbed in Japanese, she was unable to follow the dialogues in English when they were being shown in class. But […]

Barking up the Wrong Tree: The government’s great love for plants

It was touching to think that the government was so concerned about each and every tree and required every last iota of information about it.

I don’t know what it means to be an ideal Satyajit Ray heroine: Madhabi Mukherjee
August 31, 2014

Actor Madhabi Mukherjee on working with Satyajit Ray and her iconic role in Charulata.

The Sound Riddles: Has digital killed authentic sound?

Considering that technology shepherds both the listener as well as the creator, what form of “recording consciousness” do people have in the digital age?

Decrepit in Chennai: In the city ruin follows everywhere

Veteran historian S Muthiah says awareness about heritage is on the rise in Chennai today.

Being Salman’s lookalike: This man now wants to take the actor’s cause forward

His would have been another ordinary, middle-class life spent in a Madhya Pradesh town, but Shan Ghosh looked into the mirror and saw Salman Khan staring back at him.

How repetition can help build a reputation on the social media

People who understand digital medium have figured out that internet is designed to make continuous copies of everything.

I do things only if my heart is in it: Fawad Khan
August 24, 2014

Pakistani heartthrob Fawad Khan on his experiments with acting and growing up on Bachchan movies.

Top 4: Apps to watch out for

A browser that accelerates browsing speed and a cool lock screen application: four apps that you should download right now.

After a flight, a landing: Why Dipa Karmakar’s medal in Commonwealth Games is its bravest bronze

Dipa is now a sensation on the gymternet — as gymnastics’ close-knit but vocal online community is known.

A case for Mr and Mrs Dungbeetle who keep us safe from parasites and flies

While the adult beetles suck up the smelly soupy part, their larvae prefer the dry bits which are full of undigested foodstuff.

Silence of the Lion: Will the reliable star-actor Ajay Devgn please stand up?

Have you seen a star vehicle that renders its lead attraction invisible? Singham Returns manages to do exactly that.

Prime Number: Women mathematicians speak about surviving in a man’s world

The mathematical tradition in India has been robust since the time of Aryabhata and contemporary women mathematicians occupy central positions in it.

Down In Jungleland: Why it’s not fine to sell seashells on the seashore
August 17, 2014

It’s not so much the shells we find washed up on the beach, it’s the commercial collection of living molluscs that are taken from the sea bed that causes the problem.

Down to Earth: Working and learning in India’s villages

Three young professionals chose to work in villages under the PM’s rural development fellow scheme. What they learnt on the job

Flights and Fancy: The Formula 1 of the skies

The RBAR is a sort of Formula 1 of the skies. I am a guest of Breitling watches, the official timekeeper and backer of veteran pilot Nigel Lamb.

Labour Pains: The debate around workers and their rights in India

It is like India’s clock stopped in the 1960s, and even liberalisation was the echo of a chime from long ago.

Rashid Jahan: A Spark That Lit the Fire
May 18, 2014

A biography brings to life the forgotten Progressive Urdu writer, Rashid Jahan, whose stories opened the doors to the zenana

Saurabh Shukla: For six years after Satya, I was without work

Actor-writer Saurabh Shukla on his National Award, his days in Bollywood wilderness, and how Barfi brought him back to life


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