Monday, Jul 28, 2014

Full Coverage : EYE 2014

Rashid Jahan: A Spark That Lit the Fire
May 18, 2014

A biography brings to life the forgotten Progressive Urdu writer, Rashid Jahan, whose stories opened the doors to the zenana

Saurabh Shukla: For six years after Satya, I was without work

Actor-writer Saurabh Shukla on his National Award, his days in Bollywood wilderness, and how Barfi brought him back to life

A Train Stops at Naharlagun

Days before the first passenger train to Arunachal Pradesh was suspended, we took a ride from Tezpur to naharlagun to find excitement and curiosity, and conflicted feelings about the railway line — and the outsiders it would bring.

Down in jungleland: A Hiss in the Dark

We fear snakes, and yet worship them, defang them and even wear their skins.

Shoot and Score

With its 20.7MP camera, the Xperia Z2 is undoubtedly among the best flagship phones in the market

The Boy on the Rubbish Heap

How do you pull off the tricky job of portraying poverty in Hindi films?.

Why we Indians should just stop munching endlessely

Whether it’s at the movies, malls or airports, Indians love to eat out.

Top of the mind: Whose Beautiful Game?

This summer in Brazil, keep an eye out for the message from beyond the field of play, in the stands and on the streets.

Amsterdam: What’s picture perfect, and what’s not

From picturesque canals, contemporary dining to a bustling art scene, Amsterdam has something for everyone

Meet the Matuas

Who is the Bengal community that Narendra Modi wanted to bestow citizenship rights on?

Food innovations that will surprise you

Indian chefs are taking something old and something borrowed to create something new.

Care for a pair of eco-friendly jeans?

With designers experimenting with fabrics and brands toeing the eco-sensitive line, your favourite blue denims are set to get an organic makeover.

King Kong and Us
May 11, 2014

The chimpanzees, with whom we seem to identify the most and are most closely related to, are always volatile and bipolar, they are scandalously promiscuous, and are prone to sudden violence.

Unsound Deal

A user can preset a tap sequence on a 2×2 grid and use it to unlock the screensaver.

Speaking for myself: Us and Them

We all exist in two states — one rational, and one given to lazy stereotypes.

Where tigers don’t roar

My mind and heart were in constant debate… Were they sedated? Were they suppressed to be this calm? How did a few small stray cubs grow into such a large family of over a 100?

Brides, Grooms and Prejudice

Two people, from two states, fall madly in love. Wedding bells ring, and mothers-in-law meet. And then begins a clash of cultures, from cuisine to wardrobes and festivals. Here are a few who survived a cross-cultural marriage, and lived to tell the tale.

In Their Own Write

Early Left leaders from the indigenous community supported the use of the Bengali script for Kokborok.

Still Life, Unstill Waters

Raghu Rai’s new book on the rivers of India carries on his engagement with nature.

I don’t want to leave boxing, says Vijender Singh

Vijender Singh talks about his career choices, why boxing is still important to him and what he plans to do next.

We are like that only: Getting Inked

A family that votes together is bound to debate endlessly.

The Big League

The lesson from Manipal Institute of Technology and its super alumni: exams and grades aren’t the only road to success.

Know Your Actor

They spark up the screen with their effortless performances as the hero’s maama, jigri dost, or the villain’s sidekick. Their performances stay with us, but we don’t know the people behind these memorable characters. Meet some of the finest actors in the Hindi film industry who will make you go, ‘Oh that one!’

Once Upon a Monsoon

Remembering Marguerite Duras, a filmmaker who made poetry visible.

Down in Jungleland: Mind Your Language
May 4, 2014

What the ways we refer to nature and animals in our conversations tell about us.

Tech: High Five

Is the Samsung Galaxy S5 worth the hype? The Korean tech giant pulls out all the stops for the latest version in the Galaxy series.

‘I found my confidence only 15-20 years ago’

Writer and filmmaker Gulzar on winning the Dadasaheb Phalke award, his hopes for the new generation and the realism of current cinema.

Mrs Muscle

The secret life of a molecular biologist with a major international sporting feat. But don’t let Deepika Chowdhury’s in-laws find out.

Ties That Bind

Behind Titli, a film that will compete at the Cannes, is debut director Kanu Behl’s awareness of what it means to define yourself against your family.

The Sea, The Sea

Tamil writer RN Joe D’Cruz is undaunted by criticism of his politics, and the recent loss of a publishing contract.

Digital Native: My Phone is My Best Friend

The millenials think of machines through human values, and not of making humans more like machines.

Cinéma Vérité

It’s an exciting time to be a documentary filmmaker in India, in spite of all odds. A look at what is driving the change.

A Life in the Shadows

A grandmother-like figure in a Gujarat village, Narendra Modi’s wife Jashodaben loves children and spends her time reading religious books.

Top of the Mind: Sherpas and the Summit

The Everest story must be re-assessed to give Sherpas their due — because they are there.

Hide Not Seek
April 20, 2014

Do we need an anti-social network? New applications allow people to disconnect from digital transactions.

Down in jungleland: Bananas Over Babies

Watching a monkey child grow, from Mamma’s boys and girls to mischief makers.