Full Coverage : EXPRESS AT FIFA WC

In Sao Paulo ahead of the World Cup opener, our man in Brazil, Aditya Iyer, will travel on to Manaus, Salvador, Fortaleza and Recife before reaching Maracana at Rio for the July 14 final. Follow his tweets @ExpressatFIFAWC.

FIFA World Cup: Germany Götze It!

When Mario Goetze flicked in his goal from Andre Schurrle’s whipping cross, he became a World Cup legend at just 22.

FIFA World Cup: Hand of GöTZE

Germany win fourth World Cup — their first in 24 years — thanks to substitute Mario’s extra-time goal.

FIFA World Cup: Recurring nightmare
July 14, 2014

‘7-1’ becomes ‘10-1’ as Brazil, searching for redemption, lose 3-0 to Netherlands in 3rd-place match.

In Brazil, World Cup has met sudden death
July 13, 2014

Brazil’s hopes crashed with the home team’s 1-7 rout by Germany in the semifinals.

FIFA World Cup: A day too soon
July 12, 2014

For Brazilians, their World Cup comes to an end 24 hours before the actual climax.

Brazil gets seven reasons to forget this World Cup
July 9, 2014

Brazil crashed out the home World Cup after a 7-1 thrashing by Germany in the semis on Wednesday.

FIFA World Cup: The second chance

Sneijder, reformed and rejuvenated, has another tilt at glory, which bypassed him four years ago.

With 15 goals so far, Miroslav Klose to World Cup record
July 8, 2014

Landed in Germany in ’86, with just a football in his bag.

FIFA World Cup: Krul fate
July 7, 2014

Brought on just before shootout vs Costa Rica, goalie saves two penalties to send the Dutch through.

Its star Neymar injured, Brazil in pain, shock despite entry into semis
July 6, 2014

Most fans and viewers felt that the referee was unfair and did not penalize clear fouls from both teams.

A Pyrrhic victory

Brazil will also miss Thiago Silva in the semi-final against Germany who was booked for a second time.

FIFA World Cup: Belgian diamond shines
July 5, 2014

Previously little-known Divock Origi, 19, has proven to be a fine addition to Rode Duivels strike force.

FIFA World Cup: Out to undo an own goal
July 4, 2014

Twenty years after Escobar’s death, Colombia, who face Brazil on Friday, look to ‘set him free’.

FIFA World Cup: Fashionably late

Of eight pre-quarter matches, five were decided after regulation time, with two going to a penalty shoot-out.

FIFA World Cup: Germany set record straight
July 2, 2014

Germany buries ghost of Gijon with win over Algeria, their first triumph over the North Africans in the Cup.

Official World Cup song fails to get the ‘Ola’ from stands

The most common criticism by the Brasileiro on the street is that the song is generic in nature.

Drab but draining: 90 boring minutes, goalless extra time, Costa Rica score all five penalties, Greek tragedy
July 1, 2014

Costa Rica defeated Greece 5-3 in penalty shootouts to set a quarterfinal clash with the Netherlands.

FIFA World Cup: Amidst tears, Brazil lurches from tragedy to triumph
June 30, 2014

A nation wept. Not out of joy or with relief of getting past a most stubborn Chile or even due to the piercing pain.

FIFA World Cup: Before the break
June 28, 2014

Defending champions Spain bite the dust, Suarez does worse while Messi outshines Maradona… so far.

FIFA World Cup: After fall, spring
June 27, 2014

Despite 1-0 loss to Germany, USA advance as Portugal come up short on goal difference.

FIFA World Cup: Keeping your spirits up in sweltering Recife

Extracted from fermented sugarcane juice, Pitú is the most revered drink in Brazil’s northeast.

FIFA World Cup: The fantastic Mr Klinsmann
June 26, 2014

Having taken Germany to the semis in 2006, he has now invested USA with the pace and strength of his old side.

So near, yet so far: A sorry tale of fans who fell just short
June 25, 2014

Half an hour before kick-off, the fan zone is brimming. Brimming in a funeral-like silence.

FIFA World Cup: US impress all, save some of their ‘fans’
June 24, 2014

They don’t seem very interested, not even when captain Clint Dempsey puts USA ahead in the 81st minute.

A pilgrim’s experience at the footballing paradise

Paradise. It’s about 10 metres long and five metres wide, about the size of your living room.

Rio’s north and south, poles apart
June 23, 2014

Santinho speaks a decent amount of English, thanks to his day job of selling beer at Copacabana.

FIFA World Cup: That sinking feeling again
June 21, 2014

England’s cycle of torment continues after Luis Suarez brace condemns them to second defeat.

Selecao, soccer carnival’s party drug of choice
June 19, 2014

Brazil-Mexico match over, many walk towards the waterline to catch the sinking red disc in the sky.

FIFA World Cup: Spitting image of the past
June 18, 2014

Netherlands went back to their traditional free-flowing style against Spain, and will hope the results keep coming.

FIFA World Cup: Pepe, Germany’s trump card
June 17, 2014

Defender’s red-card adds to Ronaldo-reliant Portugal’s woes as Mueller scores hat-trick.

Anywhere but Manaus for the travelling football fan

Although Manaus may sound exotic, it isn’t. And neither does the most seasoned tourist take very well to it.

FIFA World Cup: Head of ‘GoD’
June 16, 2014

In Group of Death’s marquee clash, Mario Balotelli soars above the rest, nods Italy home.

FIFA World Cup: Big boots get even bigger
June 15, 2014

If Messi fails to deliver for Argentina, he will continue to live in Maradona’s shadow.

FIFA World Cup: Neymar, the redeemer
June 14, 2014

Neymar saves Brazil the blushes with a brace in WC opener after the team fall behind courtesy an own goal.

FIFA World Cup: They were all yellow
June 13, 2014

Dressed in Brazil’s colours, the city’s fans thronged the stadium well ahead of the scheduled hour.

FIFA World Cup: Four years later, Round 2

Defending champs Spain kick off campaign against Netherlands, last editions’ beaten finalists.