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Obama honours WW-II, 9/11 generations at Normandy

The anniversary events are taking on their own significance in a modern-day geopolitical crisis.


City teen wins silver medal at International Philosophy Olympiad

Two students — Abhishek Dedhe from Pune and Aparna Mishra from Bokaro — represented the Indian delegation.


A new Eastern axis

Japan, Thailand, India joining forces in Myanmar could challenge China’s dominance.

India is no stranger to the concept of an open skies policy.

In search of open skies

Easing restrictions on foreign airlines can only rejuvenate the aviation sector.


‘Mein Kampf’ signed by Hitler up for auction in Los Angeles

Hitler dictated “Mein Kampf,” two volumes of autobiography and anti-Semitic manifesto, to Rudolf Hess while behind bars to raise money for his criminal defence.


Oldest command hospital in India, in 250 years of solitude

According to hospital authorities, the maternity ward in the hospital was called hawa mahal because of the constant sea breeze it got.


Nazis plotted to create super-mosquitoes to infect enemy

Reinhardt considers this a clear indicator that the insects were to be used as an offensive biological weapon.

Noah’s Ark was round, suggests 4,000-yr-old tablet

Finkel got hold of it a few years ago, when a man brought in a damaged tablet his father had acquired in the Middle East after World War II.

Voldemort syndrome

When it comes to China and Japan, You-Know-Who’s to blame.

World faces a retirement crisis

Falling birth rates,longer life expectancy,global recession mean pensions are costing countries more even as elderly retire with less money

Mikhail Kalashnikov,the man who invented AK-47 rifle,dead at 94

Kalashnikov had been hospitalized for the past month with unspecified health problems.  

Show a sour note but sweet music for Von Trapps

In a blog post,Francoise von Trapp,daughter of Maria von,questioned the casting.

Sabre-rattling in the Pacific

In both China and Japan,the risk of conflict has grown with rising nationalism


Brad Pitt buys 2 million pounds Spitfire plane

Brad Pitt will reportedly take flying lessons at Boultbee Flying Academy in Oxford.

The Great Escape

The film traces the lives of five inmates of the camp. Built by the Maharaja,the camp had over 1,000 Polish children who had travelled through Iran and Afghanistan to reach here.