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US can destroy ISIS without sending troops on ground: White House

The ultimate aspiration of al-Qaeda was always the formation of an Islamic caliphate.

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Barack Obama recollects his roots at dinner with African leaders

The blood of Africa runs through our family, Obama said amidst applause.


PM Modi’s visa issue ‘a thing of past’, says US official Nisha Biswal

No more visa issues for PM Modi after Obama’s invitation. Top American official says it is ‘a thing of past’ now.


White House urges Ukraine ceasefire as missile takes down Malaysian jet; at least 295 killed

The White House noted that it took place against a backdrop of Russian support for Ukraine rebels.


@NarendraModi overtakes @WhiteHouse on Twitter, becomes fourth-most followed world leader

@BarackObama is most followed world leader with 43 million followers of his campaign account


Iraq PM under pressure from Shiite cleric, US

Al-Maliki’s Shiite-led government has long been accused of discriminating against Iraq’s Sunni and Kurdish populations.


Indian-born among White House ‘Champions of Change’

US government’s DACA programme is designed to shield young undocumented immigrants from being deported.

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More US troops to Iraq; special forces considered

While Obama has vowed to keep U.S. forces out of Iraq, he said that the personnel moving into the region are equipped for direct fighting.


Obama honours WW-II, 9/11 generations at Normandy

The anniversary events are taking on their own significance in a modern-day geopolitical crisis.


White House locked down after car trails Obama’s daughters

The car was searched by District of Columbia police but nothing was found, US media reports said.


Hillary Clinton says she’s ‘thinking’ about 2016 White House run

The former first lady and U.S. senator was defeated by President Barack Obama in the race for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination.


No reason to believe Pakistan leadership knew presence of Laden: US

Obama Administration has maintained that it has got no evidence which indicates that Pakistani leadership knew about presence of Osama.

Barack Obama, Patti LaBelle

Barack Obama honors “women of soul”

I think Women’s History Month is the perfect time to honor the women of soul, said Obama.


US wants de-escalation of violence and formation of unity govt in Ukraine

The White House reiterates its firm belief that the people of Ukraine must be allowed to determine their own future.

Obama played 'dumb' at his meeting with the Dalai Lama at the White House on Thursday. (AP)

Obama-Dalai meeting an embarrassment for China: Chinese media

With China growing stronger, old practices such as US presidents meeting the Dalai Lama or selling arms to Taiwan are having less impact.


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