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Weight loss tips: Focus on quality of food and not quantity

Instead, of avoiding favourite foods, weight gain could be prevented early on by learning to listen to inner cues and putting emphasis on the quality.

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Weight-loss surgery post-marriage can affect family bonds

Weight loss surgery greatly impacts dietary habits and throws established familial behaviours and routines for a toss, thereby affecting relationship dynamics and ability to stick to post-surgery fitness regimen.

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Is your child obese? Practising mindfulness while eating can aid weight loss

Unhealthy eating behaviours and obesity could reflect an imbalance in the functional connectivity of brain areas associated with response inhibition, impulsivity and reward.


Diet diary: Losing weight is hard, keeping it off harder

Without a permanent change in unhealthy patterns of eating and living, it is highly unlikely that weight loss will stick.

In addition to the effect of nuts on MetS, the researchers also looked at the effect on obesity.

Fill up on walnuts; it has 21% fewer calories than you thought

Incorporating walnuts into everyday diet might assist in weight management.

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Know what effortlessly slim people eat every day

The study found that more than a third ate salad for lunch every day.

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Diet Diary: Maintaining weight — doing it right

Around 95% of people who lose weight, regain it.

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Volunteers who had consumed the antioxidants had significantly lower levels of the markers related to mitochondrial creation.

5 ways: How to shape up your belly

If you have some tires on your belly, get rid of them by making a few changes in your diet and lifestyle, says an expert.


Now a therapy that helps you lose weight without much effort

Researchers have developed a targeted approach to override the “energy saving” mode and allow muscle to burn more energy,


People trust friends when it comes to weight-loss

People who find success in a wellness programme are more influential in getting friends to sign up than a charismatic, but less successful person.

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‘Warm’ workout key to weight loss

According to a surprising new study, exercising in chilly temperatures could undermine dieting willpower.

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Check your weight once a week to lose fat: Study

The researchers found that weight loss was related to how often individuals weighed themselves.


Increase in mindfulness will not make you slim: Study

A new study suggests that an increase in mindfulness may not help you shed those extra kilos.


A food ingredient that reduces hunger

Scientists have found that an ingredient, when added to daily food, can make people feel full and prevent weight gain.


Prescription to shed weight: Shift from pills to vegetables

After two years in the programme, Alaijah is an unqualified success story.