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Video: Sumo wrestlers getting babies to cry is weirdest tradition ever

In Japan’s 400-year-old Naki Zumo festival, there’s a bizarre tradition for determining a baby’s health: A baby cry match-off where Sumo wrestlers hold up babies and get them to cry.


VIRAL VIDEO: 91-year-old walks 1200 kms for ‘peace’, no kidding

Emma Morosini walks 1200 KM for the “young and peace in the world” in Argentina.


WATCH VIDEO: The first timers

Watch these five videos which capture the first reactions of these adorable babies.


Samar of Discontent: Virulent Videos

Video clips floating on the web serve many a purpose — vendetta, vindication or just vicarious thrill.


Top viral spoof videos that took internet by storm in 2014

Nothing works on the video platform better than spoofs. Presenting five spoofs that went viral on the web in 2014.


From children of Gaza to first taste of chocolate: Top three viral videos this week

The children of Gaza — Jon Snow On his return from Gaza last week, Jon Snow — the face of Channel 4 News — recorded a three-and-a-half-minute video titled “The children of Gaza”. The video, which has created much controversy, features haunting images of young children seriously injured in the ongoing conflict between Hamas and […]


DID YOU SEE THAT? The week in viral videos

A clever campaign for a greeting card company has a surprise ending.


What we watched this year: Most-watched Youtube Videos of 2013

These 5 videos were shared more often than any others this year.

YouTube clip makes singing Kerala housewife celebrity

The four-minute video has gone viral,with 2 lakh people viewing it so far.