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crazy proposal pixabay 3

Happy Propose Day: 10 epic quirky proposals that no one could say ‘no’ to

No promises of undying love or dying for love for these people. Here are 10 crazy marriage proposals and the tearful reactions they garnered.

altinha dog_480

Watch this cool dog play ball on the beach like a professional

Watching this video will make you want to hit the beach with your dog immediately.

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Watch: The evolution of man’s face over 6 million years, in under 2 mins

A Yale Press video shows the evolution of man’s face over 6 mn yrs by paleoartist John Gurche.

colbert foodie_480_YT

Watch: American TV host Stephen Colbert roots for Indian food

Late Night show host learns how to grate coconut, flip a roti and cut beans from a Mumbai native.


Listen these girls groove to Siri’s response to a Math question with some Carnatic music — it’s awesome

You may have asked Siri some ‘challenging’ questions, but we bet you haven’t grooved to her answer quite like this.

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ISKCON monks dancing_480

Watch B-boying in the temple: ISKON monks hip-hop to Hare Rama, Hare Krishna

In this fascinating video, ISKCON monks hip-hop to bhajans — a perfect example of the merging of cultures.

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Prince morocco main_480

Watch: Crown Prince of Morocco really doesn’t like his hand kissed (and it’s hilarious)

In a video that has been widely shared, Prince Moulay Hassan snatches his hand away every time someone tries to kiss it.

Russian doc_480_YT

Video of Russian doctor punching patient, who dies, goes viral

A shocking CCTV video that shows a Russian doctor punching a patient, who later dies, goes viral online.

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cute bunny 3

Move aside cats and kittens, these baby bunnies are just as adorable

After watching this video, you will definitely agree that baby bunnies deserve a place alongside cute cat, kitten and baby videos.

the spotter

Watch: What’s the worse that can happen if you disrespect the equipment at the gym?

It’s very important to show respect to everyone and everything in life. This video shows you why.

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pvr couple_480

Watch: 5 made to leave movie hall for ‘not standing’ during national anthem

The Youtube video shows people arguing with a family that chose not to stand for the national anthem.


Watch: Change the world, one kind act at a time

In this video clip, people around the world are shown how one act of kindness can inspire others to do the same.

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Army ad_480

Indian Army’s new ad series has a more professional tenor to entice the youth

These ads showcase the Army as a corporate organisation, that takes care of its employees, providing them with India;s most exciting workplace.

DJ wale babu bhajan_480

Here is one Sherawali Mata bhajan you should not listen to this Diwali

The bhajan is set to the tune of Badshah’s popular song, DJ Wale Babu… need we say more.

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‘Delhi, I Love You’: This video shows you why Dilliwalas love the city

The DILY team travelled across the city for two weeks and discovered a Delhi of unspoken stories and overlooked realities.