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chennai spirit_480_YT

Actor Vikram’s Spirit of Chennai video will touch your heart

It is the city’s ‘never say die’ spirit during the 2015 floods that actor Vikram has brilliantly captured in his song ‘Spirit of Chennai’

tanya wells youtube 3

Listen to these singers from across the world singing Hindi songs like professionals

These foreigners sing dil se, just like desis!

GOT tabla_480_Karan Chitra Deshmukh-YT

Tabla version of Game of Thrones theme song by this Mumbai artiste is awesome

He uses 10 tablas tuned to different notes to reproduce the desired effect of the famously haunting song.

groom dancing_480_Vimeo

Watch this groom and groomsmen wow everyone with their hilarious dance

It’s so great, you may want to hire them for a wedding sequence yourself.

chris helmsworth_480_YT

Daddy Dilemma: Chris Hemsworth’s reaction to his daughter wanting a penis is hilarious

In a recent interview, the actor said his daughter wanted a penis, just like her brothers.

seniors dance_480_YT

Video: They’re 68-95; and they’re all Hip-Hop dancers

22 seniors take their spots, but when they look up, your jaw will pop.

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kissing couple_480_YT

Couple kisses through armed robbery, oblivious to surroundings (video)

Caught on surveillance video, this much-in-love couple didn’t have eyes for anyone but each other.

wise girl_480_FB

‘I just want everyone to be friends’: This 6-yr-old girl’s wise words to her mom will blow you away

“If we live in a world where everyone is being mean, everyone would be a monster in the future.”

piano paris_480_FB

When two strangers bond over music and a piano at a Paris train station, it’s beautiful

Shot at a train station in Paris, two men find a common love in music.

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simar ka got spoof_480_YT

Sasural Simar Ka’s terrible copy of the Game of Thrones trailer will leave you in splits

The Hindi TV series tried to pull of the Hall of Faces trailer promo from the internationally famous Game of Thrones.

akbar times mallya_480_YT

Video: Akbar Times is back with The Great Indian Bank Loot, and no one’s spared

This spoof on the story of those ‘plagued by debt’ will leave you in splits.

emirates kol vid_480_YT

Watch: Emirates crew perform a Bollywood-inspired dance at Eden Gardens

The video shows the Emirates crew direct the audience on how to celebrate a six, four and wicket, using umpire-like gestures, but a Bollywood-ised version of it.

Kanhaiya Kumar, azadi,, web check-in app, freedom, window seat, hassle free travel, online travel brand, long queues, viral videos

This actor’s impression of Kanhaiya Kumar in ad is spot on!

Kanhaiya Kumar’s doppelganger mobilises fellow travellers at the airport with his demands of ‘azadi’ from waiting and long queues.

kerala woman slap_480_FB

Video: Kerala woman slaps daughter during flash mob for bunking college

Apparently the teenager was supposed to be in college, when her mother found her participating in a flash mob.

Al Qaeda, Brussels, Belgium, Ivory Coast, Grand Bassam, terror attack, terrorists, Meme Pas Peur, Collectif Bassam, Bassam Collective, standing up to terror

Watch: Ivory Coast artists sing ‘Can’t Scare Us’ at terror attack site in response to Al Qaeda

A week after Al Qaeda attacked a beach resort, a bunch Ivorians returned to the terror site to film ‘Meme Pas Peur’ as a response to the terrorists.