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Swaraj to visit Vietnam from Aug 24

MEA spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin said on Friday, “India and Vietnam enjoy excellent political relations.


China, Vietnam affirm desire to resolve problems

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said last month that Vietnam was considering legal action against the Chinese move.


Vietnam, Philippines turn to sports in South China Sea

The daylong sports festival was held on Vietnamese-occupied Southwest Cay Island and also included cultural presentations.


China evacuates 3,000 nationals from Vietnam

It is the worst breakdown in ties between two Communist neighbours since the short border war in 1979.


Vietnam: Anti-Chinese protest leaves 1 dead, 90 injured

Anti-Chinese sentiment is never far from the surface in Vietnam.


More than 20 dead as anti-China riots spread in Vietnam

There were about a hundred people sent to the hospital last night. Many were Chinese, said a doctor.


Worried over Chinese assertiveness, Vietnam wants India to ‘rise quickly

Amitabh Mattoo said, “Chinese assertiveness is bordering on aggressiveness and there seems to be a pattern to Chinese Maritime behaviour.”

Vietnam ups the ante against China over oil rig in South China Sea

China’s stationing of the oil rig is widely seen as one of its most provocative steps in asserting its sovereignty in the South China Sea.


2 bloggers arrested for taking on Vietnam government

Dissident bloggers are accused of violating Article 258, which carries a maximum seven-years jail sentence.


Missing Malaysia Airlines: ‘Fake’ passports mystery deepens

The area of the search would be widened from Tuesday, Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, the head of Malaysia’s Civil Aviation Authority, said.


Will defend every inch of territory, no room for compromise: China warns neighbours

China launched an attack on smaller maritime neighbours contesting their China’s claims over the South China Sea.


Flappy Bird is dead, but what made the game developer kill it?

Vietnamese developer says game has ruined his life

Citigroup elevates Anand Selvakesari to global role

The bank also appointed Kartik Kaushik as the deputy head of consumer banking in India.

Briefly World:Vietnam to fine people for critical Facebook posts

Vietnam has intensified a crackdown on online dissent for anybody critical of the government on Facebook.

Getting real with Hanoi

India’s ties with Vietnam must break with the sentimentalism of the past.


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