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Venezuela’s government recalls ambassador to Spain

Venezuela’s socialist government on Tuesday recalled for consultations its ambassador to Spain.


Three sentenced in Venezuela over ex-beauty queen killing

All three, aged 18, 19 and 21, pleaded guilty to the crime on Tuesday.


Venezuela’s newest shortage: breast implants

Beauty-obsessed Venezuelans face a scarcity of brand-name breast implants.


Venezuela arrests 58 foreigners on suspicion of inciting protests

Interior Minister Miguel Rodriguez Torres denounced what he called a plot to promote unrest aimed at overthrowing the government.


No Oscars show for broadcast TV in Venezuela

Roughly half of Venezuela’s TV audience was not able to watch supporting actor winner Jared Leto express solidarity with all the “dreamers” in Ukraine and Venezuela as he accepted his Oscar.

Revolution on fumes

Protests show that invoking Chavez’s ghost can’t paper over the governance deficit in Venezuela.

200 queue up for AAP ticket

Among those who appeared for the interview was an NRI who is the owner of oil wells in Kenya and Venezuela, with a majority stake in a foreign airline.

Carmona is driven away on a motorcycle after she was wounded during an anti-government protest in Valencia, Venezuela. (AP)

Beauty queen the latest victim in Venezuela unrest

State television channel VTV said she suffered a heart attack while the ambulance carrying her was stuck in gridlock due to opposition supporters blocking roads.

What has made India stand out among emerging markets, and can the rupee and the economy withstand the current turmoil in the global economy? (PTI)

On the leeward side

Can the rupee and the economy withstand the current turmoil in the global economy?

Vegetable Woes

While the best-quality ginger is selling at Rs 220 per kg in retail.

India has trade deficits with 80 countries: Sharma

Trade bodies have been making representations to the govt seeking steps to arrest the decline.


John Kerry talked to Venezuela about Snowden: US

United States denied today that Secretary of State John Kerry threatened Venezuela with reprisals.


Venezuela,Nicaragua offer asylum to Edward Snowden

Two American countries Venezuela and Nicaragua offered asylum to Snowden.

A protester wearing a gas mask made from plastic water bottles poses for a picture during an opposition protest. (AP)

Hugo Chavez heir Nicolas Maduro elected to lead Venezuela

Nicolas Maduro campaigned on a promise to carry on Chavez’s self-styled socialist revolution.

Final farewell

The state funeral was set to begin at 2100 IST at a military academy.