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A new Indo-US partnership model

Washington and New Delhi should shift to a joint-venture framework — focusing on specific collaborations and creating conceptual space for inevitable disagreements.

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Narrative that we’re leaving Afghanistan is self-defeating. We’re not: US Defense Secretary

The US is in the process of formulating options for 2016 and beyond, and make adjustments to the planned American presence based on current circumstances.

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Tracking PM Modi in America: Terror to Dawood to trade, India, US jointly sign off

The two countries are also going to launch a new dialogue called Ocean Dialogue on sustainable blue economies, a nod to one of Modi’s pet themes.

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Xi Jinping calls for ‘new model’ US-China relationship

He promised to treat US investors in China fairly and to fight against commercial cyber theft, a growing complaint against China by American businesses.

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US tells China cyber espionage is more than an irritant, must stop

‘It puts enormous strain on our bilateral relationship, and it is a critical factor in determining the future trajectory of U.S.-China ties,’ National security adviser Susan Rice said.

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Reach out to the other side

After the nuclear deal, the Arab world fears a better funded Iranian campaign will exert more influence across the Muslim world than in the past. The US needs to reassure the region

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India made substantial sacrifice to impose Iran sanctions: US

Indian leaders agreed to enforce that sanctions saying that this is something that they are willing to do if it can advance US’ effort to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon through diplomacy.

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US, Turkey plan for ‘safe zone’ free of IS in northern Syria

The move further embroils Turkey, a key NATO ally, in Syria’s civil war, and also catapults it into a front-line position in the global war against IS.

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US ‘friendly fire’ in Afghanistan kills at least 10 soldiers

‘Two US helicopters attacked a checkpoint in Baraki Barak. The checkpoint caught fire… and 10 Afghan army soldiers were killed.’


Gaping wounds

Guns and race — two of America’s most intractable problems — were entwined in Charleston.

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US judge orders woman to walk 48km for ditching taxi fare

The judge gave her a sentence of her choice: either to serve 60 days in Jail or walk over 48 kilometres within 48 hours.


President Vladimir Putin takes swipe at US in Victory Day speech

This year’s parade, on the 70th anniversary of the surrender, was the biggest military parade since the Soviet Union’s collapse.


Tornadoes, severe flooding hit Oklahoma City area, injuries reported

The Oklahoman newspaper reported 12 people were hurt in the incident, though there was no word on their specific injuries.

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VHP slams US report on minorities

The report said that religious minorities in India have been subjected to derogatory comments by BJP politicians.

U.S. President Barack Obama speaks to the media alongside Myanmar's opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi at her residence in Yangon November 19, 2012.

Myanmar to invite western observers for general election

Members of the U.S.-based Carter Center and the European Union will be invited to monitor general elections in Myanmar.