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Kyaw Naing

US: Thailand must end slavery in its fishing fleets

The State Department blacklisted Thailand last year for failing to meet minimum standards in fighting human trafficking.


US to oppose plea to declare RSS a terror group

The US based group Sikhs For Justice has filed a lawsuit to label RSS as a foreign terrorist organization, according to SFJ attorney.


US drone strike allegedly kills nine Pakistani Taliban militants in Afghanistan

Pakistan says it is supporting potential peace talks between the Afghan government and Afghan Taliban.

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Deccan artefacts to be displayed in New York

According to officials at the National Museum, exhibition has been conceptualised on various art objects from various collaborators, one of which is India.


63-year-old man shot at New Orleans international airport

The man sprayed a guard with wasp spray, then struck a female officer with a machete.

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To commercialise nuclear deal, India, US exchanging key text

The administrative arrangements are kept confidential, since it involves details and procedures of nuclear reactors.

Michelle Obama

US 1st Lady tastes ancient Japanese culture in Kyoto

US first lady Michelle Obama was treated to the serene Japanese tradition as she ended her visit to Japan.

Michelle Obama promotes ‘Let Girls Learn’ project with Japanese counterpart

Education is the starting point for opportunity: Michelle Obama

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Michelle Obama in Japan to promote girls education

Obama is visiting Japan and Cambodia to highlight cooperation on helping girls finish their educations.

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White House receives tentatively cyanide positive letter: US Secret Service

The letter was received at an off-site mail screening facility Monday. Initial biological testing was negative.


United Airlines passengers stop man yelling ‘Jihad’ from entering cockpit

Alert passengers on board a United Airlines flight averted a potentially hijacking situation.


US, Cuba resume talks amid Venezuela tensions

Havana called Obama’s new sanctions “arbitrary and aggressive.”

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Ferguson killings: 2 officers shot amid protests in front of police headquarters following chief’s resignation

2 policemen were shot in Ferguson as protesters gathered following the resignation of the city’s embattled police chief.


The Lost Years

With the change in the US policy that allows H-4 visa holders to work, a former journalist and a wife reflects on her years as a dependent.

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South Korean president visits Ambassador Lipert post recent stabbing

South Korea’s president visited US Ambassador Mark Lippert amid an outpouring of public sympathy and support suring his recovery from stabbing.