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US conducts airstrikes in besieged Iraqi town

So far the US has conducted a total of 115 airstrikes across Iraq.


Pentagon laying ground work for attack on IS targets in Syria

Obama on Monday met his Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

Neighbourly assistance

India’s turn to Russia for arms supplies to Afghanistan is a necessary step forward, but more is needed


US military developing ‘Iron Man’ armour, can walk through bullets

The US military is making an ‘Iron Man’ armour, which can walk through heavy bullet firing and escape unscathed.

A Sikh can be allowed to enter the US military with turban and beard, the Pentagon has said

US military to allow Sikhs with turban on case by case basis

A Sikh can be allowed to enter the US military with turban and beard, the Pentagon has said.

Describing this as a welcome move, Sikh-Americans said they would work with the Pentagon to improve the rules. (AP)

‘US military to allow Sikhs with turban on case by case basis’

Washington-based Sikh Coalition applauds move but disappointed over presumptive ban on Sikh articles of faith.

US President Barack Obama defends surveillance program

Obama said it ensured that any thread on a potential terrorist threat can be followed.


US Def Sec in Pakistan to discuss drones,NATO blockade

Relations between the two countries have hit a low. Talks on several issues expected.


Four US soldiers killed in south Afghanistan

A military official confirmed the soldiers were from the United States and were killed by an IED.

Japan calls on US to suspend military chopper operations

American HH-60 helicopter with four personnel on board crashed at the Camp.

‘Friends of Syria’ in Doha talks on arming rebels

US officials have not specified what types of weapons Washington is prepared to deliver.


Barack Obama to increase US military support to rebels in Syria

White House is all set to tackle Bashar al-Assad led government in Syria more aggressively than before.

Pentagon suspends top US general for failing to probe sexual assault allegation

Maj Gen Harrison is one of the top officers to be ensnared in sexual abuse crisis gripping US military.

With troops and techies,US prepares for cyber warfare

Future of US warfare is rising in shape of new $358 mn headquarters for military’s Cyber Command.


US military calls sexual assault ‘like a cancer’

US military leaders said today that sexual assault in the ranks is “like a cancer.”