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Far from the horseshoe table

Despite US support, permanent Security Council membership may prove elusive.

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UN adopts resolution to crack down on terrorist financing

The UNSC has adopted a resolution aimed at cracking down on the financing of terrorist groups.


UNSC fails to adopt Palestinian statehood resolution

USA and Australia opposed the resolution while the UK, Nigeria, SKorea, Rwanda and Lithuania abstained.


A leadership moment

At BRICS summit, a chance for India to start on a path that leads to the UNSC.

Pak Army chief says Kashmir our jugular vein, triggers anger

The BJP also slammed General Sharif and asked the Pakistan government to ensure that such “provocative” and “aggressive” statements are avoided for peace in the region.

‘UNSC must represent geo-political realities’

Singh said the only way to impart legitimacy and balance to the Council and restore its credibility is to make it more responsive.

If India has to be inducted as a permanent member, the number goes up to eight.

Why UNSC reform is an uphill task

As cunning as India might be about its bid for permanent membership, its efforts are likely to come up short.


To the new order, strategically

Can India, unlike Sisyphus, successfully push the boulder of UNSC reform to the summit?


Expansion essential to make UNSC credible: India

Kumar stressed that UNSC’s working methods need to be made transparent to improve credibility.


Reforms needed in UNSC to address historical injustices: India

Kaur said African’s exclusion from UNSC raises the question on the credibility of representativeness.

Step up pressure on Iran: Israel

IsraelI Prime Minister on Sunday urged the international community to step up the pressure on Iran.


Syria arms inspectors face unprecedented danger: Ban

Their mission is to destroy President Assad’s chemical arms in line with UNSC resolution.


UNSC aspirant India struggles for even a temporary entry

Vietnam has urged India to back its case and in return,reaffirmed its support to New Delhi.

Liberate the security council

Permanent members of the UNSC should waive their right to veto in the event of a mass crime

UNSC votes to destroy Syria’s chemical arsenal

Ending a dramatic month of diplomacy,the 15-nation UNSC voted unanimously on the resolution