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Norway backs India’s bid for UNSC membership

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and her Norwegian counterpart Borge Brende, co-chairing the joint commission meeting here, decided to hold a bilateral dialogue on trade and investments to explore untapped opportunities.

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Over 60 million people affected by UNSC malfunctioning: India

India’s candidature as a permanent member of a reformed and expanded Security Council was supported by permanent member the UK as well as by France.

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India-Africa Forum summit: Bid for UNSC seat in focus as PM Narendra Modi meets heads today

India, Africa to seek increased participation of developing countries in UN

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‘Incomprehensible’ that India, Africa don’t have permanent UNSC seats: Sushma Swaraj

Swaraj lamented that Africa despite being the largest continent in terms of number of the countries and India, which has has one-sixth of the world’s population, still don’t have permanent membership of the UNSC.

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Tracking PM in America: G-4 for UNSC reforms within ‘fixed time frame’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the security council must include members from the “world’s largest democracies, major locomotives of the global economy, and voices from all the major continents.”

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G-4 summit to give strong push to negotiation for UNSC reform, says MEA

Vikas Swarup said the G-4 summit assumes significance in the backdrop of the UNGA decision.

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That Elusive Seat

India’s quest for a place at the world’s high table continues, with no end in sight.

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US backs India’s bid for a permanent UN Security Council seat

The reaffirmation from the US comes in the backdrop of the maiden India US Strategic and Commercial Dialogue which was held yesterday.

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To push UN reforms, G-4 plans heads of state meet

The meeting of the G-4 assumes importance before countries meet in November again, to debate for the first time the text-based process.

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UNSC must include India to make it more representative: PM Narendra Modi

Modi said the UNSC reforms must be implemented within a fixed timeframe.

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UNSC reforms: India hails text-based negotiations as ‘historic’, ‘pathbreaking’

India is a strong contender for a permanent UN seat if the Security Council gets expanded, which is one of the most significant reforms that is being discussed.

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India pitches for UN reforms, terror fight

Swaraj stressed that the UNSC reforms, expected to come on the upcoming 70th anniversary of the UN, should reflect current geopolitical realities and the increasing role of developing nations.

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FIPIC Summit: Fighting climate change a national priority, says PM Narendra Modi

Modi asserted that the global body must keep pace with the changing time as the world today is a different place seven decades after the UN was created.

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UAE supports India’s candidature for permanent seat in UN Security Council

Prime Minister thanked UAE for its support for India’s candidature for permanent membership of a reformed United Nations Security Council.

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United Nations: Internet companies should respond to extremist exploitation

A UN panel is calling for Internet and social media companies to respond to the exploitation of their services by al-Qaida and other extremist groups who use the web to recruit fighters and spout “increasingly horrific propaganda.” The panel recommended in a report circulated Wednesday that these companies brief the Security Council committee monitoring sanctions […]