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To be a fundamentalist Hindu

That’s the only way to fight Hindu fundamentalists.


Children illegally crossing border subject to repatriation: Barack Obama

Heads of States of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador met Obama on Friday to discuss the immigration issue.


Key Congressional committee to hold hearing on India

Congressman Steve Chabot would chair the Congressional hearing on India on July 25.


United States on MH17: Russia trained, equipped rebels who shot down the plane

The Post said that the US spy agencies have not reached any conclusions on the motive for the attack.


Refrain from imposing your will or model on the other side: China’s Xi to US

Chinese President stressed the need to avoid confrontation between nations accounting for a quarter of the world’s people.


India by his book, a testament to hope

Granville Austin documented the triumphs and strains of working a truly democratic constitution.


Barack Obama, Francois Hollande call on Putin to pressure Ukraine rebels

Obama and Hollande called for a meeting “as quickly as possible with separatist elements.


US seeks regional support to resolve Iraq political chaos

The White House said Joe Biden and Osama al-Nujaifi agreed on the importance of Iraqis.


‘Our concern is simply that India realises its full potential, for the US has a stake in India’s success’

If India and the US are to build a truly strategic partnership, we must each commit to it and defend it in equal measure


US, Iran trade barbs before nuclear talks finale

US Secretary of State John Kerry, writing in the Washington Post, said that the negotiations constituted “a choice for Iran’s leaders”.


US drone strikes set ‘dangerous precedent': study

The ex-officials urged President Obama to lift the veil of secrecy that surrounds the robotic aircraft use.


US to face multibillion-dollar bill from climate change: report

The report lands after Obama ordered US regulators to take their strongest steps ever to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


US should elect woman president as soon as possible: Michelle

Michelle remarks come at a time when Hillary Clinton is being seen as a strong 2016 presidential candidate of the Democratic Party.

Mideast Iraq

Iraq Crisis: US gets legal protections for forces in Iraq

The legal immunity protections announced yesterday are similar to those provided to US civilians and troops working out of the embassy, officials said.


John Kerry in Baghdad on mission to shore up Iraq; confronts threat of new war

Obama will not send combat forces back to Iraq, however, did not rules out launching of airstrikes against the insurgents.