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Iran nuclear talks get down to nitty-gritty

It could resolve a 12-year standoff, silence talk of war, help normalise Iran’s relations with the West.


Palestinians urge UN to demand Israel end settlements

But no resolution was adopted and there was no Security Council statement condemning Israel.

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UN Security Council to hold emergency meet on latest Israel-Palestine tensions

The UN Security Council will hold an emergency meeting on recent tensions between Israel and the Palestinians.


Turkey fails in bid to join UN Security Council

Special attention had been on Turkey as it is under growing pressure to do more about the war in Syria pushing up against its border.


Declare war on war

It’s possible to drive the war industry out of business.


UN declares Ebola outbreak ‘threat to peace and security’

The international mission will be known as the UN Mission for Ebola Emergency Response.


Connoisseurs of the stalemate

The change of mind in Pakistan via-a-vis India is real. But foreign offices of both countries remain addicted to deadlocks.


UN peacekeepers to tackle internal strife unsustainable: India

India has sent more than 170,000 troops to 43 of the 69 peacekeeping operations mandated so far.


A leadership moment

At BRICS summit, a chance for India to start on a path that leads to the UNSC.


UNSC’s failures cause millions to flee: Amnesty

The organisation asked the Security Council members to act more decisively to protect civilians and prevent millions more people being driven away from their homes.


8 Indian soldiers among 106 peacekeepers honoured by UN

The symbolic tribute, an initiative by India and a first, was made to honour those who collectively gave their lives in pursuit of international peace and security.

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South Korea seizes North Korean boat amid hightened tensions

North Korean navy vessels crossed the line in 1999 and 2002 that led to clashes that killed an unidentified number of sailors on both sides.


Defiant N Korea fires two missiles

The US State Department later confirmed the launch of Rodong missiles and said North Korea apparently didn’t issue any maritime warning.

An aerial view shows pro-European protesters burning tyres during clashes with riot police. (Reuters)

UN holds urgent meeting on Ukraine crisis; calls for dialogue

American Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power said the US is “gravely disturbed” by reports of Russian military deployments into the Crimea.


Second blast hits Russia,kills 15

The blue and white trolleybus was reduced to a twisted,gutted carcass.