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Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko  at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in France. (Source: File/AP)

Ukraine bars dozens of journalists from entering country

Poroshenko said in a statement accompanying the list that the sanctions were introduced against people and companies “linked to the annexation of Crimea and aggression in Donbass” in eastern Ukraine.


Ukraine clashes: Parliamentary coalition shows cracks after a right-wing party threatens exit

About 140 people were hospitalized following the violence, most of them law enforcement officers, the Interior Ministry said.

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Ukraine clash: Death toll from violent protest rises to 3

Ukrainian nationalists strongly oppose changing the constitution, saying that would threaten the country’s sovereignty and independence.


Ukraine crisis: Nine dead as shelling increases in Mariupol

The conflict has killed an estimated 6,400 people since April 2014, according to the United Nations.

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Possible missile parts found at MH17 crash site: Dutch prosecutors

The announcement represents the first time prosecutors have confirmed possible physical evidence of a missile bringing down the plane and killing all 298 people on board.

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Caught in middle: War in Ukraine creates no man’s land

With fighting surging again near the main separatist stronghold, only one of the corridors has been left open in the two separatism-plagued regions of Donetsk and Luhansk.

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1 killed, several injured in Ukraine fuel depot fire

The fire, which erupted late Monday at the depot near the village of Hlevaha just southwest of Kiev, has filled the skies with plumes of black smoke.


Ukraine battle tests cease-fire to breaking point

Ukraine’s General Staff said in a statement that rebels deployed around 1,000 fighters and dozens of tanks and self-propelled artillery systems.


Russian defence head holds US responsible for global security risks and Ukraine crisis

Russian defence officials lashed out at the US, accusing it of undermining global security by funding revolutions and expanding NATO in a bid to contain Russia.


Fighting in eastern Ukraine rages on overnight despite talks

Peace talks continue between Ukraine and Russia, fights continue on ground.

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House passes resolution urging Barack Obama to send arms to Ukraine

There is bipartisan support in Congress to provide the arms to Ukrainian forces battling the rebels.


Ukraine declares heavy weapons pullback from front line

Both sides in the conflict have given assurances they are complying with pullback requirements.


Death toll in east Ukraine mine blast reaches 32

The blast occurred before dawn Wednesday more than 1,000 meters (3,200 feet) underground at the Zasyadko mine in Donetsk.


Ukrainian parliament told 32 workers killed in coal mine blast

Separatist authorities in Donetsk said in a statement that the blast occurred at a depth of more than 1,000 meters.


US warns Russia of further sanctions over Ukraine

Kerry said he hopes the ceasefire will be implemented fully “in the next hours, certainly not more than days.”