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Ukraine president urges Russia to withdraw troops; Australia pledges support

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said Russia must honour a little-respected cease-fire agreement signed in September.


Ukrainian PM reports accident at nuclear power plant

The accident had occurred at the Zaporizhye nuclear power plant (NPP) in south-east Ukraine.


MH17 wreckage to be reassembled in Netherlands for investigation

The wreckage of MH17 airline, collected under Dutch supervision, will be trucked to the air base next week.


MH17 victim’s mother takes Ukraine to human rights court

The woman is suing Ukraine for USD 1 million in damages for negligent homicide.


UN: Deaths keep rising in Ukraine, now over 4,300

The report also cited allegations of serious human rights abuses by armed groups including torture, detention, executions.


Work starts in Ukraine to collect wreckage of MH17

Sunday’s operation is being carried out under the supervision of Dutch investigators and officials from the OSCE.


Putin says good chance of ending Ukraine crisis, West threatens more sanctions

Putin was speaking at a G20 leaders summit in Brisbane where he has come under intense pressure over the Ukraine crisis.


Russian TV claims it has photo of downing of MH17

Russian television has released a satellite photograph that it claims shows a Ukrainian fighter jet shot down MH17.

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UNSC holds 26th emergency meeting on Ukraine

The UNSC is holding its 26th emergency session on Ukraine amid worries about a renewal of full-scale conflict.


Human remains found at MH17 site but no wreckage recovery

Dutch forensic experts recovered further human remains at the crash site of downed flight MH17 in eastern Ukraine.


Ukraine accuses Russia of sending dozens of tanks

NATO had no immediate confirmation on the latest Ukrainian report.

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Despite spat with Russia, Poles honour Soviet troops

The diplomatic spat with Russia over Ukraine has not prevented Poles from honouring Soviet troops.

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Ukraine voters embrace West and peace with rebels

Results with 30 percent of the precincts reporting had PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s People’s Front leading with 21.7 percent of the vote.


Putin orders troop pullback from Ukraine border: Kremlin

Some 17,600 servicemen, who had participated in military drills ion the border with Ukraine, would be pulled back.


NATO wants constructive relations with Russia: Jens Stoltenberg

“There is no contradiction between a strong NATO and building constructive relations with Russia,” said Stoltenberg.